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Deaf Lottery Prize Home Draw 180

Valued at $750,000 and Drawn on the 29/08/2019

New Prize! Draw No.214

Deaf Lottery draw 180 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, Deaf Lottery draw 214. Which is a brand new home valued at $800,000. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

Latest Draw 214
13 people voted 3.5 stars.

Once again, the Deaf Lottery is offering one lucky winner four ways to cash in on a $750,000 grand prize. You get to decide how you want to take your winnings and can put together the package that best matches your dream lifestyle. Whether that means building a home, heading out on the road in your luxurious new caravan or seeing the world, the options are endless if you’ve got the winning ticket in draw 180. This is always a very popular lottery, so get in early for your chance to build the lottery win you’ve always dreamed of.

Which Option Will You Choose?

The Deaf Lottery is different from the others because it gives winners real flexibility when it comes to claiming their $750,000 first prize. Each option offers a combination of gold bullion, cash and prizes. How much gold bullion you get to keep depends on how much you want to spend on the core prize. If you decide to stop at the minimum, three of the options will leave you with $650,000 in gold bullion and the fourth will have you going home with a massive $700,000 in cashable gold. There’s also $20,000 in cash included in each of the four packages, giving you a little spending money while you’re building your home, picking out a new caravan or paying off your mortgage.

If you want the freedom to choose between a new vehicle, custom home, motorhome or vacation packages while still having a huge chunk of change left over to fund your new lifestyle, the Deaf Lottery has your name written all over it.

Build with Metricon

If you’re in the market for a new home, this option has you covered. Metricon is one of the country’s premier builders and you’ll have $80,000 on account to get you started on the road to a quality-built custom home. They can build on land you already own, or you can choose from a special land and home package that’s just right for you and your family.

Metricon has thousands of floorplans and choosing among them won’t be easy. You’ll get to pick your façade, number of bedrooms, fixtures and inclusions so that when the construction’s all over, the home will be uniquely your own. How about a butler’s pantry to compliment your designer kitchen, or a private balcony off the master suite? You get to decide how much you want to spend, and how much of that gold you want to keep for other projects down the road. Add in the $20,000 in cash and you’ve a got a total of $750,000 to spend on your luxurious new residence.

If you’re looking for a perfect investment, this is also a great option. Build a home, rent it out, and enjoy a second income that could pay for your vacations, accelerate your retirement, or fund anything else you’ve always wished you could afford. Because with a win in the Deaf Lottery, you can!

Just Take Off!

People who say they don’t like camping have likely never taken to the open road in a luxurious motorhome or caravan. With this dream getaway option, you can take your home with you as you explore Australia’s 25,760 km of coastline and fabled outback. Imagine seeing the country at your own pace and having all the conveniences of home along for the ride.

Start with $80,000 to pick out any motorhome or 4WD and caravan combo you like. From there, you can spend any or all of the remaining $650,000 in gold bullion on your new rig. Go all out with marble countertops and leather furnishings or pull back and keep more for the adventures to come. Don’t forget that you’ll also get $20,000 in cash, which should keep the tank topped up for the foreseeable future.

Say Goodbye to Your Mortgage

Remember how happy you were when the bank approved your mortgage? How about now? If you’ve been making monthly payments for far too long, this is your chance to say goodbye to your mortgage once and for all. This option could see you living debt free and having all that extra money to spend every month on yourself instead of handing it over to the bank. Living mortgage free could mean an early retirement, more time off or simply peace of mind knowing that your days of making payments are behind you.

To begin with, you’ll have to pick out a new car – but that’s unlikely to be a hardship. You’ll have $30,000 to spend on the vehicle of your choice and how extravagant you want to be after that is entirely up to you. If you spend the minimum, you’ll be left with $700,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash to pay off your mortgage. Anything left over is yours to spend as you like or tuck away for a rainy day.

Build Your Own Prize

The final option is for anyone who doesn’t want to build a home, isn’t interested in a road trip and either doesn’t have a mortgage or is happy paying it off. If that’s you, you’re in for a treat. You’ll have $80,000 to spend on a long list of prizes that includes cars, trucks, motorhomes, marine craft, caravans, motorbikes and travel vouchers. Go anywhere in the world or stay at home and polish your new chrome. Keep spending if something catches your eye or stop at $80,000 and have $650,000 in gold bullion left over to invest, pay off your debts, start a business or simply hang onto for the future. Then there’s the other $20,000 in cash to do anything you like with.

If you know exactly what you’d do with a $750,000 windfall, and at least some of it involves either travel or vehicles, this is your prize-packed option.

Here Are Your Dates to Remember

Draw #180 of the Deaf Lottery Australia will close on 25 August 2019. The draw will take place on 29 August 2019 at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderly QLD 4051 at 11:00am AEST.

Members of the public are invited to attend the draw so why not pop in and see if you’re the next $750,000 winner.

In order to be automatically entered into the Early Bird Draw, you must purchase a minimum of $20 in consecutive tickets (a ticket book) on or before Midnight AEST on 11 August 2019.

Winners will be contacted by the Deaf Lottery Australia by telephone. All other winners will receive a notification by mail. A list of winners will be posted to this site following the conclusion of the draw.

A Chance to Win 109 More Prizes

Your ticket in draw 180 also puts you in the running to win your share of another $37,000 in cash prizes.

2ND PRIZE $5,000 Cash
3RD PRIZE $3,000 Cash
4TH & 5TH PRIZES $2,000 Cash (total of $4,000)
6TH – 10TH PRIZES $1,000 Cash (total of $5,000)
11TH – 110TH PRIZES $200 Cash (total of $20,000)

Note that if you’re from NSW or Victoria, you’ll be receiving your prize in gift cards and/or gold bullion instead of cash.

Don’t Miss Out on the Early Bird Draw

When there’s money to be won just for getting in early, you might as well take it! By purchasing $20 or more in consecutive tickets (a ticket book) on or before Midnight AEST on 11 August 2019, you’ll be automatically entered into the Early Bird Draw. That’s five chances to win $2,000 in cash just for being organized.

Get Your Ticket Books Now

Once you purchase a ticket book worth at least $20, you’ll be adding even more gold bullion to the first prize package if you’re the lucky winner. A thirty-dollar book, for example, gives you 15 chances to win the $750,000 first prize and adds $10,000 in gold bullion. Just be sure to buy your ticket book before August 11, 2019 for five more chances to win in the Early Bird Draw.

Tickets Start from just $2 More chances to win a $750,000 Lifestyle Bonus Prizes For 1st Prize Winner.
$2 Ticket 1 chance to win 1st Prize
$10 Book purchase 5 Chances to Win 1st Prize
$20 Book purchase 10 Chances to Win 1st Prize $5,000 in Gold Bullion
$30 Book purchase 15 Chances to Win 1st Prize $10,000 Gold Bullion
$50 Book purchase 25 Chances to Win 1st Prize $20,000 Gold Bullion
$100 Book purchase 50 Chances to Win 1st Prize $30,000 in Gold Bullion
$200 Book Purchase 100 Chances to Win 1st Prize $30,000 Gold Bullion

Thank You for Supporting the Deaf Lottery

When you buy a ticket book in the Deaf Lottery, you’re helping to support deaf and hard of hearing Australians across the country. Proceeds from ticket sales go towards programs that help members of the deaf community live more independent lives and funds regular grants to assist with personal and professional goals. We thank you on their behalf for your support and hope you’ll soon be trying to choose between the four $750,000 life-changing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about Deaf Lottery Draw 180 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

Deaf Lottery Draw 180 has a total of 1,925,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 180 drawn?

Deaf Lottery's latest home will be drawn on the 29/08/2019 and results published here shortly after.

How much is Deaf Lottery 180 worth?

Draw 180 is valued at $750,000.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $2.

Tickets from: $2
Time left:
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