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Deaf Lottery Prize Home Draw 189

Valued at $800,000 and Drawn on the 17/12/2020

New Prize! Draw No.215

Deaf Lottery draw 189 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, Deaf Lottery draw 215. Which is a brand new home valued at $800,000. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

Latest Draw 215
11 people voted 3.7 stars.

With Deaf Lottery Prize Draw 189, you get to decide what kind of lifestyle you want if you win first prize. In draw 189, that choice is worth $800,000 and you can pay off your mortgage, build a house, or take off in your new motorhome or caravan. You can even put together the package that suits whatever lifestyle you’ve always wanted, which includes travel, gift cards and all kinds of vehicles.

This is what makes the deaf lottery different from all the others. You still have the option of moving into a brand new designer home – but you can also choose from so many other prize packages if that’s not your thing. Imagine spending Christmas picking out a new car or boat. What about planning that year off to travel abroad or take the family on a camping tour of Australia. There will definitely be some lively conversation around the dinner table if you’re the lucky winner of this great draw.


The Deaf Lottery is all about freedom. Freedom from mortgage payments so you can start saving for the future or spending on the extras you can finally afford. It’s about the freedom of the open road, in a new luxury car or fully equipped caravan. It’s about the freedom to pick exactly what you want in a new home, designing it to suit your taste and requirements. Finally, the Deaf Lottery gives you the freedom to design your own winnings with the power to mix and match a host of fantastic prizes.

If you want this incredible freedom of choice and know exactly what you’d do with $800,000 worth of cash and prizes, then this is the draw you won’t want to miss.


Building a new home may sound daunting, but Metricon makes it easy. With this second option, you’ll have $80,000 on account to put towards a residence that you can customize from their terrific designs and home plans. You can build on your own lot, or have Metricon find you the perfect location in one of their unique packages. Add all the features and amenities you want, because you’ll have up to $700,000 in gold bullion to add to the initial deposit.

Whatever you don’t spend on the home is yours to keep. Use it for furnishings, a pool, or a new car for the garage. You’ll also have another $20,000 in cash to pay for the final touches or take a nice holiday while you’re waiting for the builders to finish up. Choosing this option is also attractive to people looking for a solid investment. Rent for a few years and then sell at a profit for an even bigger retirement nest egg.


Your mortgage payments could be a thing of the past if you pick the mortgage buster lifestyle option in draw 189. With this option, you get a new car and $750,000 in gold bullion to get rid of those pesky debts once and for all. It’s the choice of those who want to wipe the slate clean and be rewarded with a new toy for their efforts.

Start by picking out whatever car you want. Go all out on a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin. Of course, you could always reign it in a little and get a couple of land rovers or a nice convertible for weekend drives in the country. Whatever’s left over is yours, paid out in gold bullion, up to $750,000. Spend it on your mortgage, a nice trip away, or anything else you’d like to do. Finally, there’s $20,000 in cash to top the whole package off to $800,000.


Lots of people talk about doing the great Australian tour, but few ever have the time or the means to pull it off. This prize option gives you both, with money to supplement your income while you take some time off, and a brand-new motorhome or caravan to carry you on the journey.

You can choose to start with a motorhome or a caravan and 4WD combination. The innovative design of modern recreational vehicles is truly amazing, with all the conveniences of home tucked into your holiday on wheels. A motorhome gives you the ease of not having to worry about towing, while a caravan gives you the convenience of a vehicle to tour with once you park your home. Either way, you’ll have the full range to choose from with up to $700,000 to spend in gold bullion. Then there’s another $20,000 in cash that will more than cover many years of maintenance costs, giving you a total prize package worth $800,000.


This final option appeals to those who want to travel, start a business, or create their own custom lifestyle. Get $700,000 in your pocket instantly to invest, spend or enjoy exactly how you want. Pay off your debts, invest in your family’s future or give yourself the gits of time to spend more time doing what you love. Once this is done, you’ll still have $100,000 to spend on something you’ve always wanted.You’ll have up to $700,000 in gold bullion to set your plan in motion. Cap that off with $20,000 in cash and you’re all set for financial freedom and adventure.

Let your imagination run wild, and if the end result doesn’t look like any of the first three options, then go ahead and put together your own unique package in the deaf lottery draw 189.


The deaf lottery draw #189 will close on 14 December 2020. The draw itself will be held on 17 December 2020.

First prize winners will be contacted by telephone and registered mail. A list of winners will also be published on this site after the draw.


We love the deaf lottery because there are so many terrific prizes in addition to the $800,000 windfall. There are 164 prizes in all in draw 189, so be sure to pay attention to the closing dates and purchase your ticket books before they sell out.


Buying a ticket book increases your chances of winning the versatile first prize package that best suits your future lifestyle. Best of all, multiple ticket purchases, beginning with a $10 book of 5, adds gold bullion to the total value of the first prize win.

We thank you for supporting services to Australia’s deaf and hard of hearing community. This is a great cause, and we wish you the best of luck in the Christmas draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about Deaf Lottery Draw 189 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

Deaf Lottery Draw 189 has a total of 2,025,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 189 drawn?

Deaf Lottery's latest home will be drawn on the 17/12/2020 and results published here shortly after.

How much is Deaf Lottery 189 worth?

Draw 189 is valued at $800,000.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $2.

Tickets from: $2
Time left:
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