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Endeavour Prize Home Draw 423

Valued at $1,339,420 and Drawn on the 11/09/2019

New Prize! Draw No.456

Endeavour draw 423 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, Endeavour draw 456. Which is a brand new home valued at $3,200,277. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

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Imagine winning the house of your dreams right in the Suburbs of Buderim, Australia. The estate is everything you have ever wanted. The vicinity is calm and quiet with the beach just 10 minutes away. Not only that but your home surrounded by soft soil mountains.

The scenic beauty is unreal and undoubtedly one of the best places you would want to settle down in. The 10, Yindi Street house is worth a whopping 1.3 Million. The grandeur of the house is not just the area, but it’s architecture and modern style as well.

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

It is surrounded by lush greenery, amazing weather, and fresh air. Moreover, you can enjoy the buzz of the suburban life of Buderim. There is a lot to do, and you will find yourself exploring around town on the daily!

This draw brings you a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you wouldn’t want to pass out on it! Make sure you get your tickets and put fate to test. Let’s find out more about the house and the locality.

10, Yindi Street, Buderim

The luxurious estate in Buderim is worth $1.3 Million. The house is fully furnished with gorgeous and comfortable decor for every room. You get a kitchen fully equipped with electrical appliances and a BBQ grill.

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

Moreover, the house has amazing finishing and a theme for every area. There are large windows to let the light shine through, and for you to enjoy the nature that encompasses the vicinity. In addition to that, it is a fully functional security system with screens to keep you extra safe.

The house itself is the epitome of everything you would ever want it has spacious 4 large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In addition to that, there is a dining area, living room, media room, and a study for you to work. You can also turn the study into a room for the kids!

The master bedroom is very beautiful. It has extended windows that overlook the ocean and also provide a gorgeous view of the scenic beauty that’s all-around your house. The attached bathroom (with the master suite) is one of the largest in the house and has a walk-in robe as well.

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

The house is one of the most luxurious experiences you will ever come across. From a very classy décor, the kitchen that is fully finished with gas stoves and beautiful countertops. There is also an attached pantry for cold storage and inventory.

Get up close and Personal with Nature

One of the great features about this location is how it gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. You can walk right out of your residence and find yourself surrounded by the paradise that is nature.

10, Yindi Street in Buderim it is only a ten-minute drive away from the sandy shores of Mooloolaba. You can dip your feet in the ocean or walk along the coast whenever you please. Moreover, here are natural sanctuaries and national parks neighboring the area.

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

You can visit the Irene Sheen park or the E J Foote Sanctuary. Not only that, the vicinity is enclosed by soft soil mounts that you can explore. There many activities you can take part in, like going for a hike on and enjoying sunrises and sunsets with your family!

The area has good weather all year round. Especially since the beach is nearby, you can enjoy its calm and serene beauty. It is something anybody would enjoy, especially if you have a soft spot for natural and scenic views.

Enjoy the Suburbs of Buderim

It’s not all nature and sandy shores you have the option of going to the nearby Buderim village where you have access to markets and cafes and local vendors. You can always enjoy the busy business and market area where you will also find eateries, restaurants, and indulge in many other activities.

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

You don’t have to travel far for necessities, and there is the ease of public transport too. Suburbs are not overly populated; you can enjoy a close bond with the community and take part in their lifestyle. There is no buzz of the city life, noise or air pollution and no overcrowded places.

If you enjoy such a lifestyle, then this location is no doubt for you! It combines both nature and the humble community that surrounds the area.

Invest your property away

If you don’t want to relocate or plan on moving to this wonderous estate yourself, you also have the option of investing this house away. The real estate market in Australia is worth millions, and you could definitely profit off this house.

The net value of this house currently stands at a whopping $1.3 million, which you could benefit from very easily. You can hire a realtor to know whether it’s a good option to rent or sell the place out. It can help with sturdy income as well.

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

If you can’t keep yourself away from the property, then you always have the option of enjoying this beautiful locality with your family. The location is prime and gives you just the right mix of convenience and ease.

Features of 10 Yindi Street, Buderim

  • The house has a total value of $1.3 Million
  • Has 252.1 m^2 of living space
  • Offers a fully furnished house with everything you might need!
  • You do not have to bear in transfer costs
  • 6 months of security and monitoring fee is inclusive in the draw prize
  • The prize includes $10,000 of gold bullion which you can invest or cash in.
  • 4 spacious bedrooms with a gorgeous master suite.
  • House includes three spacious bathrooms.
  • A kitchen is inclusive of a laundry room, a dining area, a living room, a media room, a lounge, a garage with space for two cars.
  • A gorgeous Alfresco that overlooks the pool, great for parties!
  • A serene pool that you can overlook from the property
  • Your kitchen is equipped with electrical appliances

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

Early Bird Discounts

If you buy your tickets before the 8th of August, you will be included in another draw which is worth $5000. You can utilize this money in decorating your house or perhaps take a mini-vacation for yourself! These $5000 can also be invested in other opportunities, or you could gladly spend it on yourself!

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

Residents of Victoria and New South Wales will receive a prize as gold bullion worth $5000! However, an early bird discount is only available to those who purchase the ticket before 8th of August, so avail your this offer while you still have the chance!

Save the important dates

Now if you plan to participate in the draw, be sure to save the two very important dates. At 7 pm AEST Wednesday, 4 September 2019 the draw officially closes. Tickets cannot be sold after this point. If you plan to buy multiple tickets, you should do it before September 4th.

Moreover, another important date is Wednesday, 11 September 2019, on which the lottery is drawn. The draw usually happens at 11 am AEST. Be sure to keep checking for updates. The results of the draw are featured in the Courier-Mail.

You can also go to the official website — Endeavor foundation, and it will feature the People who have won the draw! The draw will take place at the Endeavour Foundation, and you are welcome to attend it and witness it take place!

Get your tickets Books now

If you want to save extra cash, you can do that by purchasing a greater number of tickets or getting a ticket book itself. The ticket book and reduce a cost for you (per ticket) allowing you to get more value for your money!

Photo of Endeavour Draw 423

Here is more information that will help you understand the ticket pricing and quantity!

Number of Tickets Price Free Ticket Equivalent
1 ticket $10
2 tickets $20
4 tickets $30 1 Ticket Free
10 tickets $50 5 Tickets free
14 tickets $60 7 tickets free
30 tickets $100 20 Tickets free

The Endeavor Foundation has a core philosophy which is to help Australians with disabilities and sustain them, to live better and more fulfilling lives. This draw helps us achieve our goals and gives you one of the best offers you could ever avail!

You have a very good chance of winning this draw! We wish you the very best of luck and hope you are the lucky winner who is going to win all of these riches. Hopefully, we will see you settling in your brand new house and enjoying the sunny coast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about Endeavour Draw 423 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

Endeavour Draw 423 has a total of 660,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 423 drawn?

Endeavour's latest home will be drawn on the 11/09/2019 and results published here shortly after.

How much is Endeavour 423 worth?

Draw 423 is valued at $1,339,420.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $10.

Tickets from: $10
Time left:
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