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Mater Prize Home Draw 285

Valued at $1,657,488 and Drawn on the 25/10/2019

New Prize! Draw No.314

Mater draw 285 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, Mater draw 314. Which is a brand new home valued at $4,221,800. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

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We all have seen those gorgeous island houses in movies! Often times, that is everything you would want your own home to be. Imagine being engulfed with nature all around you, and having ` 1a unreal scenic view to look at 24/7!

The Mater Prize home draw 285- offers you the opportunity to make that into a reality! The prize home draw offers you a luxurious Bribie island home worth a whopping 1.6 million! Apart from this insane price tag, it offers you a $160,000 cash price in gold bullions!

You can treat yourself however you want! Take a vacation or perhaps buy yourself a car you’ve had your eye on. The home fashions a gorgeous waterfront area in the Bribie island. It is fully furnished along with all the electrical appliances you might ever need!

The house can cater to big families as it has 4 bedrooms and is very spacious, especially if you have children. Moreover, it has a gorgeous pool with an alfresco right outside so you can enjoy your summers to the fullest!

All you have to do to get this life-changing opportunity is to secure your ticket before the deadline. There are multiple ticket book offers; however, first, let’s find a little more about your prize!

Luxurious Bribie Island home worth $1.6 Million

Imagine that you get the opportunity of turning your dream home into a reality! That you can live every day in a luxurious home with unmatchable beauty all around yourself. The 1st prize of the Endeavour home draw is your luxurious Bribie Island home!

The house has 4 large bedrooms that makes it great for bigger families. You can have the master suite all to yourself- which has a euro fridge as well as a walk-in closet. You have ample space for a dresser and a fully organized closet!

From the minute you wake up, your house is designed to give you comfort and a cozy aesthetic that makes you settle right in. You will surely feel like there is no place better than this! The interior design has expedient chairs and sofas that are very welcoming.

The house has a white theme and outlook that makes it even more comfort to live in. In addition to that, there are a lot of windows that allow in natural light. This factor makes the rooms look bigger and brighter! You can add touches of greenery here and there and make it a perfect fit according to your criteria.

The house also had a spacious kitchen, well equipped with everything you might need. It also has a dining room that can easily cater to bigger get-togethers, dinners, and lunches. You also have a front and a back exit to the house- so if you ever plan to host a party, this location could not get any better!

The house is fully furnished; however, it is up to you to design it or redesign it according to you. The great part is that you get an additional $160,000 cash prize, which you could use to revamp the house anyway possible!

If you have kids, then you will also be excited about the rumpus room where you can sit down relax watch movies or even play games on the PlayStation. It is a spacious area, great for activities and games to spend the weekends over.

Moreover, transfer duty and legal fees payable for the transfer of the house is included in the draw. You will not have to pay any hidden costs as well! It is all made convenient for the winner.

You can also view the house virtually. Have a look at the themes, floor plans, and the scenic beauty you will experience in this gorgeous estate. If that isn’t enough, then you can visit the house yourself!

The estate is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Wednesday the 21st of August to Sunday the 13th of October. You can visit it and see the prize yourself.

The surrounding vicinity

Apart from your dream house, there is a lot to do in the local vicinity as well. As soon as you go to this gorgeous house, you have the stunning view of the canal. You can enjoy cookouts, walks, or just the calming view.

There are activities like boating and tours that you will thoroughly enjoy throughout the season. Nature is something nobody can get tired of! And this scenic view is undoubtedly a sight for sore eyes.

Features of 163 Marina Boulevard, Banksia Beach

Let us find out some features of your home on Marina Boulevard.

  • A luxury Bribie Island home worth $1.6 Million
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms plus 1 powder room
  • 1 study room
  • 9.5m saltwater pool overlooking the canal
  • Large alfresco area with BBQ
  • Opening plan kitchen and dining
  • Located on beautiful Bribie Island
  • PLUS $160,000 worth of cash*
  • 314sqm floor area
  • Rumpus room with TV and PlayStation
  • Master bedroom with EURO fridge, large walk-in robe and en-suite

What can you do with this Prize?

If you are already well settled in your own home and do not plan to move, then you might feel like this prize will not add much to your life! Especially if you cannot make use of it yourself. However, what if we tell you that you can do a lot more with this home than just moving in?

This gorgeous estate is worth a whopping 1.6 million in the real estate market. It is also surrounded by a beautiful location with a gorgeous view of the canal and amazing activities all year round. You could use it as a vacation home from time to time or just as a getaway with some friends and family.

In addition to this, you can rent this place out! It will generate a steady income throughout the year, and you will get a reasonable price for this elegant house if all three of these seem like a hassle you could always sell the place and use the money however you like!

You can invest in your future or even, enjoy a vacation around the world. The possibilities are endless. You can also go for a luxurious car you might have had your eye on. This opportunity is one you should not let go of and cash in- while you have the chance!

Lock in these dates!

The first most important date is the deadline for the tickets. There is only a limited amount available and make sure you get yours before the draw closes. The draw ends on 8 pm AEST on Wednesday the 23rd of October 2019.

Secure your tickets before this time and participate in this grand draw. The second most important date is when the winner is announced. The draw takes place at 11 am AEST on Friday the 25th of October 2019. Make sure to keep yourself notified before it happens!

All the bonus and main prizes will be drawn at Mater Foundation, 620 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, Queensland. The winners are announced through a registered mail system and are also published in The Australian on the 30th of October!

Ticket books and what they will cost you!

The more tickets you buy, the more you save. The table below illustrates how you can save more by getting the bigger ticket bundle.


No. Of tickets

Per Ticket Value


1 ticket

$2.00 per ticket


3 tickets

$1.67 per ticket


6 tickets

$1.67 per ticket


10 tickets

$1.50 per ticket


15 tickets

$1.33 per ticket


20 tickets

$1.25 per ticket


25 tickets (Popular Choices)

$1.20 per ticket


35 tickets (Popular Choices)

$1.14 per ticket


45 tickets

$1.11 per ticket

$100 (Best Value)

100 tickets

$1.00 per ticket

$200 (Best Value)

200 tickets

$1.00 per ticket

$500 (Best Value)

500 tickets

$1.00 per ticket

$1000 (Best Value)

1000 tickets!

$1.00 per ticket

If you are planning to participate in this draw, here is how you can secure the best deals and get the most benefit. If you purchase tickets worth $100, then you also automatically get entered in the automatically make you eligible for the top book buyer bonus prize.

Here are more details on the top book buyer, a bonus prize!

No. Of tickets

Cost of Book

Bonus Gold Bullions

6 tickets

$10 Book

$10,000 gold bullion

10 tickets

$15 Book

$20,000 gold bullion

15 tickets

$20 Book

$25,000 gold bullion

20 tickets

$25 Book

$30,000 gold bullion

25 tickets

$30 Book

$35,000 gold bullion

35 tickets

$40 Book

$45,000 gold bullion

45 tickets

$50 Book

$50,000 gold bullion

65 tickets

$70 Book

$55,000 gold bullion

100 tickets

$100 Book

$60,000 gold bullion

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about Mater Draw 285 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

Mater Draw 285 has a total of 7,380,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 285 drawn?

Mater's latest home will be drawn on the 25/10/2019 and results published here shortly after.

How much is Mater 285 worth?

Draw 285 is valued at $1,657,488.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $2.

Tickets from: $2
Time left:
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