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RSL Art Union Prize Home Draw 370

Valued at $2,400,000 and Drawn on the 13/11/2019

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RSL Art Union draw 370 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, RSL Art Union draw 416. Which is a brand new home valued at $3,542,665. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

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IMAGINE winning a draw that could change your life overnight! The RSL art union home draw 370 is known as the Trifecta! So, what has earned this draw its unique name? Well, in simple words, it is called the Trifecta because you’re winning three beautiful apartments. Moreover, these luxury apartments have a net worth of 2.4 million!

These apartments are located in one of the busiest cities of Australia. They each individually offer perhaps one of the most luxurious living experiences you will ever come across. All you need to do is participate in this draw with this cheaply available ticket starting from $5! You can book a ticket online, and you are entered in the draw.

Photo of RSL Art Union Draw 370

This is an opportunity you would not want to pass out on! Your investment of $5 can turn into 2.4 million right in front of your eyes. Apart from the three inner-city apartments you also receive 200,000 gold bullions with your grand prize.

What is your chance of winning?

RSL Art Union are limited to selling 6,000,000 tickets, in draw 370. What is your chance of winning this beautiful home?

You have a 1: chance of winning!

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The possibilities with these cash prizes are endless you can choose to live in these apartments rent them out the cash prizes all yours to do anything with you could perhaps purchase a car that you have had your eye on or treat yourself to a luxurious vacation!

However, let’s first find out more about these properties and whether they are the right fit for you!

Property 1: Potts Point, Sydney

The first property is located in The Rex 521/50, Macleay Street, Potts Point, and NSW 2011, which is perhaps one of the busiest areas situated in the heart of Sydney. The city is extremely beautiful not just cause of its aesthetics but also in terms of how much convenience it provides its residents with!

Photo of RSL Art Union Draw 370

You have the ease of shops, cafes, supermarkets that you can easily commute to! There’s also public transport, and you can safely travel around without any hassles. Moreover, you are excited to know that the surrounding community is filled with family-friendly people who will welcome you with open arms.

The apartment on its own is beautifully furnished and is worth a whopping $918,000. If you choose to rent it out, it can get you a great income of $33800 per year. That is a hefty income! The apartment has a 53 square meter area, in addition to its one bedroom, one bath and a space for a car.

Wit its modern kitchen, dining area, and living room this prize home is a beautiful and cozy apartment for you and your significant other- especially if you’re somebody who enjoys their privacy. This apartment will not disappoint you!

Property 2: South Melbourne, Victoria

This apartment is located at Albert Tower 1601/3 Albert Road in South Melbourne, Victoria. If you are somebody who enjoys both scenic natural views and the convenience of urban life, then this place just might be the perfect fit for you!

While this apartment is surrounded with tall buildings and skyscrapers of the city, it really contrasts well with the beautiful greenery and the city’s gorgeous sunsets. This apartment is located in the heart of the town, which also means that you have all kinds of shop, schools, supermarkets, malls, and cafes to surround you!

Photo of RSL Art Union Draw 370

You can go out and explore places every day, and there is always something for you to do! Moreover, you do not have to worry about transport, and everything is a 5-minute walk away. The property is worth $495,000 and has an area of 58 sqm. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, storage space, and a car parking space for one car.

It is ideal for smaller nuclear families who are looking for a great suburb to settle in. Moreover, the house has a gorgeous dining area for your family dinners. This is all in addition to a kitchen and a cozy living room.

However, if you think that this apartment is not the right fit for you, then you can also earn $30,160 by renting out this apartment (per year). Given the location and the beauty of this apartment, you will have families lining up to get it from you.

Property 3: Brisbane, Queensland

This property is located at Evolution Apartments 195/18 Tank Street at Brisbane. They are worth around $635000 and can get you about $34,320 in rent every year.

This gorgeous property is definitely a steal and something you will not find very easily! One of the greatest features of this house that is extremely spacious and has an area of 86 square meters.

Photo of RSL Art Union Draw 370

The house fashions two large bedrooms and bathrooms. It includes additional space for parking your car as well. Moreover, there is a modern kitchen with equipped with everything you might need, along with the aesthetically pleasing living room and the dining area for your family meals.

As compared to the other apartment, this house has the edge over how luxurious it is! Not only that, but it is located in the heart of Brisbane! There many scenic parks, convenient supermarkets, movie theaters, and many entertainment options that you and your family can explore.

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The amazing part is that the area around your apartment is safe and that you can easily enjoy with your family. This house offers you luxury and comfort at your fingertips. It is perhaps one of the best options if you’re trying to pick one off these apartments for yourself.

If you don’t really enjoy the locality, then you always have the option of renting it out to another lucky family and enjoying the annual income.

Properties not available for inspection

It is essential to know that these properties are currently not available for inspection and visits. The reason is that we want to create a secure location for the residents in the surrounding area. It is our priority that we keep these locations safe and its residents happy. It is also important to keep their comfort level in mind!

However, that does not mean you cannot view these apartments in any way. You can take a look at our website and there you will find a whole section which includes pictures and 3D panoramic views of the interior and exterior of the apartments.

You can also analyze the interior designs and settings to see whether the place is a right fit for you. It can show you what the apartment actually looks like. Moreover, there are also descriptions and floor plans of all the estates. You can refer to those and get an accurate idea of what is your apartment going to be like!

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Important dates, you should remember!

If you have made up your mind and have decided that you do want to participate in this draw- then there are specific dates that you should keep in mind! The draw closes at 8 pm (AEST) on 5th November 2019.

Photo of RSL Art Union Draw 370

After this, any sale of tickets is not allowed, and you cannot enter anymore. So try to score your tickets while you can! Especially given that they can only be sold until the quota for tickets run out.

In addition to that, the lucky winner will be announced at 10 am (AEST) on the 13th November 2019. The winners are usually published in the newspaper or notified we’re registered mail. Try to keep yourself updated throughout the process, so you do not miss out on the final day!

How to increase winning chances?

If you want to enter multiple times- you can! All you need to do is purchase more tickets. The more tickets you purchase, the more your chances of scoring the grand prize are. In addition to this, there are a variety of other draws available throughout the year.

Photo of RSL Art Union Draw 370

One of these prizes include the $1.8 million gold bullion VIP Heroes Draws that are available two times a year. In addition to this, there is VIP bonus draws that amount to $200,000 in gold bullion, and Loyal Supporter Draws that have $180,000 in various prizes.

To take part in these draws, you must be a part of the VIP Club. There are more details on how to join this club and what are the perks that come along with it!

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However, for this prize you can very easily participate by purchasing different ticket books! The more you buy, the more you get bonus tickets and the more the chances of winning are! Buying ticket books can also get you gold prizes. This table illustrates how.

No. of Tickets Cost Gold Prize
1 Ticket $5 No bonus gold
2 tickets $10 $30,000 bonus gold
5 (includes 1 bonus ticket) $20 $40,000 bonus gold
8 (includes 2 bonus tickets) $30 $55,000 bonus gold
13 (includes 3 bonus tickets) $50 $85,000 Bonus Gold
19 (includes 4 bonus tickets) $75 $105,000 Bonus Gold
26 (includes 6 bonus tickets) $100 $135,000 Bonus Gold
52 (includes 12 bonus tickets) $200 $135,000 Bonus Gold
130 (includes 30 bonus tickets) $500 $135,000 Bonus Gold
260 (includes 60 bonus tickets) $1000 $135000 Bonus Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about RSL Art Union Draw 370 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

RSL Art Union Draw 370 has a total of 6,000,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 370 drawn?

RSL Art Union's latest home will be drawn on the 13/11/2019 and results published here shortly after.

How much is RSL Art Union 370 worth?

Draw 370 is valued at $2,400,000.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $10.

Tickets from: $10
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