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Surf Life Saving Prize Home Draw 197

Valued at $1,245,466 and Drawn on the 21/02/2020

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Surf Life Saving draw 197 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, Surf Life Saving draw 223. Which is a brand new home valued at $2,000,545. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

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Surf Lottery Draw 197 brings to you a lifetime opportunity to live in a beautiful and stylish apartment by the beach. All you have to do is take part in the draw and then wait for the date when the winner will be drawn. The apartment is located in Jefferson complex building in the famous Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Located just 14km from Surfers Paradise, a famous yet small town in Queensland. SItuated in the suburb of Palm Beach, the home covers an area of 142 sq. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms make it an ideal apartment for a small family.

Photo of Surf Life Saving Draw 197

Surfers Paradise is renowned the world over for its wonderful beaches and golden sand. The atmosphere here is quite inviting not just for the residents but also for the tourists. There are parks, shops, world-class restaurants and a lot more to enjoy here.

The apartment buildings provide facilities to the residents in the form of a private function room and a spa. You will be able to invite over friends and relatives to spend hours having fun. Not to mention the apartment itself offers tons of opportunities to spend some cosy time together.

The Gold Coast Ocean View Apartment

Many of the high-rise buildings in the Gold Coast comprise of modern and luxury apartments that are sometimes referred to as “boutique” apartments. This one is no different. Its amazing floor plan is enough to make you want to live in it. The comfortable living and dining area are combined with an open-plan kitchen and this space opens to a beautiful balcony.

Photo of Surf Life Saving Draw 197

Sliding glass doors can be left open to enjoy sea air in the morning or during the night. The master bedroom is located adjacent to the balcony and directly overlooks the beach. The view from the balcony and the windows of the bedrooms is simply breath-taking.

The apartment includes a garage space for parking two cars simultaneously and it is located in the basement. You will also get unlimited access to the swimming pool offered inside the complex for the residents and their visitors.

Jefferson apartment complex is one of the most prestigious buildings in Palm Beach. All the apartments here are made to be warm and inviting. Your prize home is not only fully furnished with all the furniture you might need but also includes many electrical appliances like the refrigerator, electric oven, microwave oven, etc.

The apartment truly reflects a millionaire lifestyle. The stylish wooden floors combined with modern furniture and a cosy décor, the entire home speaks of luxury and comfort in its true sense.

Photo of Surf Life Saving Draw 197

The prize also includes up to $50,000 in gold bullion to help the family start their new life by the beach in style and luxury. This extra money can be spent on customising your home or adding new furniture especially if you have kids.

Beachfront apartments in the Gold Coast are becoming popular with the passage of time. They are situated in a peaceful and serene locale away from the usual hustle and bustle of city life.

Many of these apartments come with either an indoor or an outdoor pool. Free parking spots are available for the guests so you can invite your friends or relatives anytime you want. All apartments come with a private balcony with a dining area to enjoy the view of the beach. Their spacious floor plan and luxury interior design make them even more desirable.

This prize home would be the best place to relax and unwind because of its lovely surroundings. You will also be able to enjoy a function room to hold private parties like birthdays and a spa to relax after a long and tiring day at work. These facilities attract a large number of families as they strive to find an apartment in one of the residential complexes in the Gold Coast.

Life in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has been found to be a great place to live in especially for families. There are tons of opportunities to have fun and the buildings here all house luxury apartments with a private access to the long stretch of beaches. The area has recently become one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations owing to all the new developments and construction of high-rise buildings.

It is interesting to note here that the famous Q1 building, which is the fifth tallest building in the world, is also located here. The nightlife around here has also seen a major improvement in recent years. People now visit Palm Beach and Surfers Paradise particularly at night to enjoy all the lights and sounds of this area.

Photo of Surf Life Saving Draw 197

Imagine having an apartment amidst all this fun and entertainment! Not only do the residents get unlimited access to the beach and its surrounding natural beauty but also get to enjoy tons of activities. Whether it is just a stroll down the sand or a more exciting adventure like surfing, you will get to enjoy everything here. The area is perfect for all types of vacationers including those who like to spend some quiet time with just a friend or a family member.

Gold Coast is home to all the outdoor and water adventures any Australian could dream of. It is not only a perfect vacation spot but also a paradise in its true sense for the residents. There is public transport available all the time as well as many other facilities that would make you want to live here for the rest of your life.

The apartments here are quite costly when it comes to renting them out. And if you don’t plan on living in your apartment, you can rent it out for an estimated income of $39,000 annually! This is a great chance to earn some extra cash or convert your home into a holiday house if life by the ocean doesn’t appeal to you. Holiday homes are quite popular in this part of the world. And the best thing is you won’t have to spend any extra money on it as the apartment is already fully furnished and designed according to the expectations of the guests.

Families from all over Australia are known to visit the Gold Coast to enjoy all sorts of adventures. This region comes with a 70km long stretch of coastline and includes a hinterland on the fringe. You will also find many national parks in the area. Because of the beach, the climate here stays warm all through the year, which is another advantage of finding a home here.

Photo of Surf Life Saving Draw 197

It has been predicted that in the year 2020, the Gold Coast will be recognised as a world-class business and leisure hub owing to its huge variety of fun and entertainment activities. The Gold Coast is not just welcoming, it is also vibrant and alive!

A luxury apartment with three cosy bedrooms, a life by the ocean and unlimited access to Australia’s most famous nightlife, theme parks, surf, beaches and hinterland, the prize definitely includes a lot more than just $1.1 million!

Participating in the Draw

Participating in the lottery is as easy as buying a few tickets online and then keeping your fingers crossed till the winner is drawn. It will close on 17th February, 2020 so you still have a lot of time to act. The first prize is valued at $1.1 million and includes not just the apartment but also its design and furniture package and $50,000 in gold bullion. There are many other prizes as well, such as bonus prizes in $10,000 to $50,000 gold bullion.

The price of the tickets varies with the package you choose to buy. If you choose to buy more tickets, the price per ticket reduces. So, it is recommended to buy 20 to 50 tickets at a reduced rate and improve your chances of winning.

The advantage of participating in the Surf Lottery Draw 197 is that, it tops up your total number of tickets by 300 to 1 depending on the number of tickets you buy. For example, if you buy 100 tickets you actually get 400 tickets because 300 tickets are added to your account as a bonus.

If you really want to make your dream of living by the ocean come true, buy your lottery tickets now!

Tickets now available!

The great thing about this lottery is the more tickets you buy, the more you save! Here is a table illustrating the cost of tickets!

Number of tickets Total Price
1 Ticket $2
3 Tickets $5
6 Tickets $10
20 Tickets $20
40 Tickets $30
70 Tickets $50

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about Surf Life Saving Draw 197 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

Surf Life Saving Draw 197 has a total of 6,000,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 197 drawn?

Surf Life Saving's latest home will be drawn on the 21/02/2020 and results published here shortly after.

How much is Surf Life Saving 197 worth?

Draw 197 is valued at $1,245,466.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $2.

Tickets from: $2
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