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yourtown Prize Home Draw 491

Valued at $1,843,033 and Drawn on the 13/11/2019

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yourtown draw 491 is now finished, there is now a new prize home, yourtown draw 537. Which is a brand new home valued at $2,922,279. Ticket's do sell fast, so be sure to get in quickly!

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The yourtown Draw 491 offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to win the house of your dreams. The total draw worth is around $1.84 million- imagine winning your dream house overnight! However, the interesting twist here is that you have the option of choosing between 2 gorgeous estates.

The draw offers you the opportunity to have a gem of a house in the middle of the sunshine coast, Australia. In addition to this, you also have the option of getting an estate in the busy suburbs of Sydney!

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

So, whether you have a preference for the coming serene ocean life or perhaps before living in the city, you can avail the option of both.

The house is not the only prize here. The lucky winner will also get $170,000 in gold in the second option. With that kind of money, you can buy your dream car, take a luxurious vacation, or invest it safely in your future.

What is your chance of winning?

yourtown are limited to selling 380,000 tickets, in draw 491. What is your chance of winning this beautiful home?

You have a 1: chance of winning!

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The great part here is that even if you are well settled and do not plan to move- then you are the sole owner of this house and can also earn off renting out the estate. It will offer you a handsome income, and all you need is a $15 ticket to participate!

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The offer cannot get better hence let’s find out a little more about these gorgeous houses and what you can do to participate before the deadline!

Your home in Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

If you are somebody who enjoys the serene and natural beauty and also wants your home to be in a calm area, then a house in the sunshine coast is perfect for you! This luxurious home definitely provides you with the millionaire experience.

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

It has three bedrooms, two spacious baths, and a large living area for your day to day activities. It is great for your friends and family too. The house has been structured in a way that allows a lot of natural light and as well as its high ceilings.

The two combined give the house a gorgeous finish. It is completely furnished and has electrical appliances that you might need. The timber floors provided a cosy feel that you cannot find anywhere else!

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Apart from that, you have a gorgeous and spacious backyard as well as a front porch. You can have outdoor picnics, barbeques, lunch, and many other activities. Another huge plus point is how the house also has a garage for your car and additional storage! What more could you ask for?

The surrounding area near the sunshine coast is excellent too! If you love water activities- the beach and the gorgeous sunshine is something you will enjoy in the vicinity of your home.

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

The Noosa Main Beach is a short drive away, while Lake Weyba is also within your vicinity. The shocking part is the Noosa National Park is right in your backyard! There is a lot to do and explore and an especially great place to bring up your kids.

You will never find yourself idle. It is a great feeling being engulfed in nature all around you! While you also have the modern comfort of your own home.

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Features of your home in the Sunshine Coast

Your home located at the 97 Lake Weyba Drive, Noosaville QLD 4566, has a total worth of $1,700,000! Here are some features the house offers and are included in the prize:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • A spacious garage
  • Furniture & Electrical appliances worth $116,498
  • Payment of 12 months Council & Water Rates $4,638
  • Payment of 12 months Building & Contents Insurance $2,324
  • The gorgeous designing worth $6,600
  • Window Dressings $4,055
  • Improvements $6,473
  • Total Legal Fees $945
  • Woolworths WISH Gift Cards $1,500

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

Your home in Drummoyne, Sydney

Imagine having your gorgeous estate in a busy urban area of Sydney, Australia. This house has spacious floor plans that offer two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and attached balconies where you can sit and enjoy your evening tea.

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

If you have a small family, then this couldn’t be a more perfect place to shift to! The house is ideal for smaller families or a group of friends. The estate itself is beautiful as it combines modern and aesthetic elements to give you a very pleasing and comfortable environment.

The floor plans are made in a way that there is a lot of natural light that enters your home as well. That is an excellent feature as everyone likes bright, open, and sunny rooms. You can customise each room according to your taste and style.

In addition to that, the house has great security, a place to park your car, many areas for storage, and overall is not compacted or congested in any way!

One of the most beautiful features in the kitchen. It comprises of modern features like marble slabs and tiles and it’s fully equipped with electrical appliances as well. The house itself has proper furniture and appliances.

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

The furniture is set in a way that that will make you feel at home as soon as you come to visit! In addition to that, the price includes the cost of insurance, Corporation fees, water, and transfer fees for the first year.

The second most important thing about this locality is how you will be living in the gorgeous Metropolitan city of Sydney! There’s a lot to do in Sydney, and you will never find yourself bored or running out of things to do.

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

The place has many attractions, for example, the gorgeous Sydney Harbour bridge, the very famous Sydney Opera House, and you’re also a short drive away from Bondi Beach and harbor area. If you’re somebody who enjoys beach activities, then this place is where your heart belongs.

Features of the gorgeous estate in Sydney

The second estate is located in 503/2 Marlborough Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047, and is worth a whopping $1,550,000.

  • Two large Bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms completely furnished
  • Two spacious attached balconies
  • Fully equipped with furniture & electrical appliances worth $78,832
  • Payment of 12 months Council & Water Rates $2,347
  • Payment of 12 months Contents Insurance $332
  • Payment of 12 months Body Corporate Fees $6,522
  • Design Fee worth $4,950
  • Window Dressings $5,294
  • All Legal Fees paid (inclusive in price) worth $1,133
  • Bullion worth $170,000
  • Flight Centre Voucher worth $20,000

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

Important dates you need to remember

If you plan to participate in this fantastic draw, then there are some dates you must mark on your calendar. The first important date is when the draw closes! The sale of tickets stops on the 13 November 2019!

It is essential to get your tickets not only before this deadline but before the tickets run out as well. There is a limited quantity of tickets available, so purchase yours while you still have the chance.

Lastly, the draw itself takes place on Friday 15 November 2019 10 am AEST Remember to mark this date and keep alert for updates! Drawn. The draw is conducted at Suite 5 Cordova Street, Milton QLD 4064.

The draw is public, and you can visit it! Lastly, the winners are notified by registered mail. Later on, the results published in ‘The Australian’ (on Tuesday 19 November 2019), and you can also find them on the yourtown website at!

Get your tickets today!

This draw is definitely something you would not want to miss out on. What you can purchase a ticket starting from $15 only! However, this is not all!

There are many other weekly bonus prizes for those who participate. These bonus prizes include the Woolworths WISH Gift Cards! These offers are for VIP members.

Here is a schedule of the weekly prizes and how you can win a gift voucher worth $1000!

  • Week 1 – Fri, 18 Oct 2019 -- worth $1,000
  • Week 2 – Fri, 25 Oct 2019 -- worth $1,000
  • Week 3 – Fri, 1 Nov 2019 -- worth $1,000
  • Week 4 – Fri, 8 Nov 2019 -- worth $1,000
  • Week 5 – Fri, 15 Nov 2019-- worth $1,000

Photo of yourtown Draw 491

Not only this, but the more tickets you purchase- the more your chances are of getting a bonus gold prize. A minimum of 2 tickets can get you’re a bonus gold prize worth $20,000, and if you purchase 20 tickets, then you can get a whopping $200,000 worth of gold.

You can also choose to donate money to charity out of your total transaction that can help out families in need! Your home draw contributes towards problems affecting children and young people.

Number of Tickets Cost Bonus Gold Prize
2 Tickets $30 $20,000
4 Tickets $60 $40,000
6 Tickets $90 $60,000
8 Tickets $120 $80,0000
10 Tickets $150 $100,000
20 Tickets $300 $200,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about yourtown Draw 491 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

yourtown Draw 491 has a total of 380,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 491 drawn?

yourtown's latest home will be drawn on the 13/11/2019 and results published here shortly after.

How much is yourtown 491 worth?

Draw 491 is valued at $1,843,033.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $15.

Tickets from: $15
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