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The BIG names behind Australian Prize Home Lotteries

Take a look what these wonderful charities have done for the Australian community and communities alike. The tickets you buy go a long way for Charities.

For years now many lucky Australian's have been receiving the most pleasant surprises of their lifetime after receiving news that they are the lucky winners of prize homes in the numerous home lottery competitions. These have indeed been life changing moments for these lucky families. Most of these people who have received the pleasant news when they least expect it since winning is such a highly competitive circumstances always seem like a tall order.

Some of the people who win the houses confess that when they bought the tickets, their main aim was to contribute to a worthy cause behind the home lottery schemes. Their spirit of giving turns out to be the turning point in their lives as they are pleasantly surprised with the great news of winning a dream home. This reinforces the belief that for you to receive, you have to give.

However, very few people take time to think of the marvelous work the money they use to buy tickets in these prize home lotteries does. Many have no idea that the few dollars they spend to purchase tickets go into a bigger scheme of charities that have not only touched numerous individual lives but have also been games changers in entire communities in Australia and even across the borders. Two of the biggest names behind these charities include:

RSL Art Union

In the 1930s it was evident that war veterans found it extremely difficult to make a proper comeback into the larger society. This could be attributed to myriad reasons including dreadful memories of the horrors of war that they had witnessed in the line of duty. It was obvious that most of them suffered more psychologically from these haunting memories than from their physical injuries. Most of them came home to the unwelcoming arms of poverty and despair with no jobs to sustain them. It is at this point that the idea of RSL Art Union was born and conceptualized.

The objective of RSL Art Union was to find a way of supporting the defense service personnel who were returning from war so that they could at least get a soft landing back into society. At first, this was funded by a few affluent people and sub-branches that raised funds to build a small number of war homes. However, still a secured funding resource for taking care of the veterans' welfare was paramount as unemployment skyrocketed amongst them. As a result, in 1956, ART UNION fundraising with profits going into services like providing accommodation for veterans and their dependants was instigated in Queensland. And this is how the idea of home lottery prize idea kicked off.

Since then RSL Art Union has supported many people in the defense service regardless of the fact whether they are members or not. These include young men and women returning home after gallantly serving their country abroad. They get the necessary assistance to help them reconnect with their families and be reintegrated back into society. The organization also helps to physically and emotionally rehabilitate veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most importantly, those war veterans who suffer from various illnesses get the necessary financial security from the organization's initiative. So next time you purchase that ticket for a prize home lottery competition, bear in mind that you are contributing towards a very noble cause.

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Surf Life Saving

The other big name behind the prize home lottery is Surf Life Saving. This is an organization made of trained volunteer surf life savers who have dedicated their lives to patrolling the Australian coast to ensure that people facing the danger of drowning get help. The organization funds its activities selling lottery tickets.

There are a total of 311 clubs currently operating under the Surf Life savers organization. All of them have several volunteers working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the people who visit the beautiful beaches on the 35,000 km coastline of the country. It goes without saying that mobilizing such a big number of volunteers costs a fortune. The expenses involved include those of education programs, surf life saver training, buying rescue gear and equipment and first aid supplies. Therefore, the support that comes from participants of the prize home lottery, who buy tickets, cannot be gainsaid.

Purchase of rescue gear and equipment is one of the biggest expenses incurred in running lifesaving services in the country. Due to coming into contact with water, salt and the sun, the equipment have to undergo regular maintenance while those that become obsolete need to be replaced. All these need lots of cash which the prize home lottery helps to raise.

There is always high demand for additional life savers in our beaches as the number of people visiting the Australian beaches keep on increasing every year. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for education programs that churn out new life savers to be put into place so as to keep up with the ever increasing demand. A lot of emphasis is usually put on proper training since lives of millions of people are at stake here. This is why every life saver must have a Bronze medallion; training programs incorporate updated rescue techniques, fitness testing, CPR and first aid.

To keep up with the ever increasing demand, Surf Life saving also funds the education programs for the surf safety community. Lives of millions of people depend on the genuine effort of the surf life savers and thus it is very important that they receive proper training. It approximately costs $800 to fully train a surf life saving volunteer, which means it takes a very huge amount of money to train personnel that can cover all the beaches in Australia. It is my hope that you now see the reason why you need to spend a few dollars to buy a prize home lottery ticket. There is a big possibility that your small contribution will go a long way to save a life in a lonely beach somewhere in the Australian coast; or, who knows? Maybe you might as well be the lucky winner of those beautiful homes!

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