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RSL Prize Homes' Interior Design Inspires

Find out all about the great interior design of the latest RSL Art Union prize homes!

In the real estate industry, it is undeniable that a home’s décor can make or break a sale. Despite the pressure, senior interior designer Kay Schieb still did an incredible job furnishing the prize homes for RSL Art Union lottery. She didn’t simply impress the crowd, she even inspired thousands of individuals to buy tickets in hopes of acquiring the spectacular prize home. Curious to know what the rave is all about? Check out RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 335 to know why a lot of people are dreaming of winning the prize homes!

RSL Art Union Lottery and Kay Schieb’s Interior Design

If you are looking for design inspirations, Kay Schieb’s work is definitely what you should check out. For about a decade, Ms Schieb along with the Noble House Design team has been working with the RSL Art Union, choosing every detail of their prize homes’ interior décor and furnishings.

In the recent draw for the RSL Art Union, Ms Schieb was quite busy decorating three apartments along Bondi, Noosa and St. Kilda. Yes, you read it right! Three properties are up for grabs in the latest RSL Art Union Prize Home draw!

The biggest takeaway in these properties are the stunning ocean views, and Ms Schieb accompanied this with an equally appealing interior design. You will definitely be inspired to purchase tickets for this Prize Home Lottery because every property was designed with different look and feel.

For the Noosa apartment, Ms Schieb went with a tropical look. She shared, “Noosa is such a trendy place, we had to throw a bit of funk in with it to suit the area. A lot of it was done with texture and colour.”

The Bondi apartment, on the other hand, had an environment that combines a rustic vibe with contemporary living. With hues inspired by the sea and the shore, you will definitely enjoy a luxurious coastal lifestyle.

Ms Schieb also did an impressive job with the interior design for the St. Kilda apartment. With all the outdoor pubs, moody wine bars, fine dining restaurants and cafes near the property, Ms Schieb decided to incorporate a vibrant and modern design to the Prize Home.

Interior Design Inspirations for Apartments

Designing prize homes usually starts when the builder and the architect are in the initial stages of building the property. This is also the time when the decorator should submit the schedule and plan for the finishes.

According to Ms Schieb, her team tries to keep the palette neutral so that the owners can easily change anything. Moreover, her team regularly visits fairs in Milan, Italy and Cologne, Germany to get inspirations from the current trends in the interior design scene. She added that the current trend is combining different styles along with certain colours.

She said, “These days a lot of coloured lounges are coming in - soft colours like mints and aquas, especially in Queensland and coastal areas.”

For the apartments, Ms Schieb incorporated marble tops along with touches and finishes of stainless steel.

When asked about the next trend in interior design, she answered, “Crushed velvet, believe it or not, is very big in Europe at the moment. I believe in the southern states, it’s becoming trendy. They are using it in lounges, accent chairs, cushions, wherever. I think we will see a trend swing towards that - but I think it will swing away just as quick.”

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