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Surf Life Savers Ad Campaign 2014

Surf Life Saving Australia today have launched a first of it's kind campaign asking Australians to give back in a plea for help. Help support Life savers!

It's one of Australia's most recognized distress signals but now surf life saving are using it as a plea for help.

Surf Life Saving have been operating for 107 years, and this marks it's first fundraising campaign of it's kind. Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) are putting it's hand up to ask for your help and donations to help fund vital equipment around Australia.

The campaigns main presents will be seen nationally on a television commercial launching today, filmed in Sydney featuring 60 volunteers patrolling members. The video shows Life Savings begging for financial support so they can continue saving lives and continue keeping our beaches safe.

Emily Lang, A Surf Lifesaver who stars in the clip says they need help. The organisation which has 47,000 patrolling members across 312 clubs needs more community support.

"The campaign is really clever idea and way of getting attention about how we need assistance too," she said.

"It's not just about us helping you but that we need help too to provide that safety."

The young university student, who helps patrol Sydney's Northern Beaches says people don't understand the expenses that patrolling the beaches. It's more expensive than most realize.

"It's $81,000 for a year of patrols (at each beach) and we can't do that without community support."

"It is important for the community to get involved because we're there for the community."

Each year, Year by Year, Volunteer Life Savers, Paid Lifeguards and rescue services perform more than 15,000 potentially life saving rescues each year.

Surf Life Saving offer a wide variety of fundraising options, from cars, homes, and straight donations, but have never performed such a campaign like this. It is clear that without an increase in support our friendly life savers may be fewer year by year.

Here at we offer your chance to help Surf Life Saving by donating to them directly from our site, and going in the draw to win beautiful prize homes. We encourage your support to the wonderful life savers.

You can find their latest prize home here.

Support your local club and help support Australian Life Savers!

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