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Multicap is a charitable organization set up in the year 1962 by five families.

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Multicap is a charitable organization set up in the year 1962 by five families. It was first established as an organization that sought to provide high needs disability support services to their children with multiple disabilities who could not obtain such services from the governmental institutions. They first started by holding weekly meetings in a church hall. This started becoming popular among the community members and as time went on more and more families came on board and now the Multicap charity organization can boast of having more than 600 families having full and unrestrained access to all the resources and facilities of Multicap. The Multicap charity organization has its head office located at Eight Mile Plains.

Our Passion

It is the passion of everyone at Multicap charity organization to see to it that each and every individual has the right to connect and explore all the available opportunities in life.

Our services

Multicap charity organization provides a number of very significant support services to those with multiple disabilities and these include the following;

  • Accommodation services: This is the provision of suitable housing facilities for those with multiple disabilities in the various communities. Such accommodation services are provided with the help of the Department of Housing, private rentals and those that are owned by the Multicap charity organization.
  • Centre for creative arts: This is the provision of avenues every six months for people with multiple disabilities to express themselves through activities like painting, bead making, drawing and a lot of other creative arts-related activities.
  • Supported employment: This is the provision of employment avenues that are very appropriately tailored and suited for people with multiple disabilities.
  • Day and post school: This is the provision of services aimed at helping people with multiple disabilities to be equipped with the necessary skills needed for work and living independently among other things.
  • Respite services: This has to do with the provision of various respite programs to better assist people with disabilities in the communities
  • Social support services: This involves providing emotionally related services to all people with disabilities.
  • Facilities for hire: This involves the availability of various facilities which can be obtained in order to use them as venues for holding of meetings and programs
  • Self directed funding: This has to do with an individual with multiple disabilities having a say in how his or her support service is provided.

All these services are rendered by Multicap charity organization with the general aim of helping to support individuals with high needs disabilities living in the community.

The initiatives of the Multicap charity organization

  • The Monte Lupo Initiative and
  • The Avegates (Social Support) Initiative

How to get involved with the Multicap charity organization

The Multicap charity organization receives some percentage of its resources from the government. However, the major parts of its resources are generated through the donations and other fundraising activities of the community members. Individuals and organizations can get involved with the Multicap charity organization through any of the following ways;


This relates to all the various financial and material resources which are provided for the Multicap charity organization through the generosity of individuals and organizations within the community.


This is the situation where people get the chance to support the Multicap charity organization by undertaking various activities and events with the aim of helping to raise funds for the organization.

Joining the CapeAbility Crew

This is where people get the chance to participate in various sporting and fun filled activities with the view of helping to raise resources for the organization whilst also staying fit and having fun with friends and family.

Buying of Lottery Tickets:

With the buying of lottery tickets, the general public are given the chance to enter the various draws organized by Multicap Lottery in order to win any of the available prizes. The individuals who buy the Multicap Lottery tickets have the prizes on offer as their main target - that is they the tickets with the aim to winning something when the draws are held. However, the organizers of the Multicap Lottery have a totally differing view and that is; with the purchase of every lottery ticket, they are assured of getting the much needed financial resources to help them in providing the various support services that they render to people with multiple disabilities in the community. A Multicap Lottery ticket therefore is like a double edged sword - it gives you the chance to win a prize and also helps support the numerous people in the community living with multiple disabilities.

Multicap Lotteries organises two types of draws namely;

  • The Major Draws which are organized four times each year and
  • The Special Raffles which are also organized at the end of every year right before Christmas
  • For every draw that is organized to help raise funds for Multicap, exactly 30,000 raffle tickets are sold to the general public and this means that individuals are provided with 30,000 chances to win a prize so buying more means bettering your winning possibilities.

Corporate Supporters:

This is where corporate entities or bodies get the chance to offer their support to the Multicap charity organization through;

  • Event sponsorship
  • Payroll Giving Program
  • Multi-Fresh Corporate Fruit Box


This is the carrying out of various activities aimed at supporting Multicap to better cater for the needs of all those living with multiple disabilities in the community. Multicap voluntary activities can be performed in the following ways;

  • Individually
  • As part of a group
  • As part of a corporate volunteering program

Leaving a bequest

This is the situation where an individual bequeaths some or all of his or her properties to the Multicap organization as a parting gift to them when such individuals pass away.

These are some of the ways through which the Multicap charity organization generates most of its resources which it uses in supporting each and everyone with multiple disabilities aside the support that it also gets from the government.

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