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Australian Home Lotteries

For a long time now many lucky people have been winning luxurious homes in Lottery Homes Australia competitions, year in year out. Will you be next?

For a long time now many lucky people have been winning luxurious homes in Lottery Homes Australia competitions, year in year out. These prize homes are usually put up for grabs by some of the most prominent charitable organizations in Australia. Through these organizations, many lives have been changed for the better not only through the pleasant surprises that come with winning luxurious and expensive lottery homes, but more so through the work of charity that is done by the organizations which are behind the lotteries.

These charitable organizations use the lottery draws as one of the means through which they raise funds for their charitable activities. This is realized through the sale of lottery draw tickets to individual citizens who would like to participate in the competitions, hence giving them a chance to indirectly contribute towards the noble cause of helping the needy and disadvantaged in society. The most notable names that organize the Lottery Homes Australia competitions include:

RSL Art Union

A well known charitable organization, RSL Art Union was founded several decades ago to help in charitable activities that are aimed at helping to reintegrate war veterans back into society. The beneficiaries are both former and current Australian Defense Forces personnel, together with all their dependants. The regular Prize Home Lotteries organized by RSL Art Union form the main source of the funds used support this charity work. Some of the young soldiers returning home from long missions abroad find themselves in a totally new society different from the one they left behind, because of the dynamic nature of the modern society. These young people find it very difficult to get their lives back on track without any help. This is where the RSL Art Union comes in handy to help these young men to pick up their lives from where they left them.

Another group of people that benefits greatly from this charitable organization is that comprising of war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is as a result of being haunted by memories of horrific scenes from the battlefield, as well as those who are maimed or fall sick in the line of duty. These maimed former servicemen and women get support through rehabilitation, affordable emergence accommodation, free welfare services, advocacy and free pension.

Mater Foundation

This is another one of the main names that organize Lottery Homes Australia. The foundation provides sympathetic care to the sick and needy people with mercy, dignity, commitment, quality and care as the driving forces. This is in line with following in the footsteps of "The Sisters of mercy". With a chain of seven hospitals up and running currently, whereby four are private while three of them are open to uninsured patients, the foundation has gone a long way to improve the lives of needy people in Australia, by offering excellent and selfless service to more than half a million patients in the country annually. A big percentage of the funds used to make this noble mission possible are drawn from the sale of tickets in the prize home lotteries that are regularly organized by the foundation.

The Mater healthcare services are unmatched because of many reasons which include:

The hospitals are known to offer excellent and selfless service to over half a million patients in Australia yearly. The Mater Foundation draws a good fraction of the funding of its charitable activities from the home lotteries they organize on a regular basis.

The mater Healthcare services are distinguished from the rest for several reasons including:

  • Their dedication to educating future healthcare workers
  • Their clinical excellence
  • They have purchased the most modern and state-of -the- art life saving equipment
  • The hospital follows in the footsteps of the "Sisters of Mercy
  • Investing heavily on research
  • A great focus on the mother and baby's health
  • Continually seeking to understand and prevent diseases

Because of its charitable activities, the Mater Foundation has had a big impact on society by being at the forefront in providing excellent healthcare to the disadvantaged patients, together with entire communities. This is achieved through providing subsidized and affordable healthcare.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH)

Another prominent name in the Lottery Homes Australia is the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). The hospital organizes regular home lotteries to raise funds for charity. The RMH Foundations was initiated over a century ago and since then it has remained particularly focused on providing community health through: getting actively involved in innovative research, offering quality and affordable healthcare services and training healthcare personnel.

All these charitable activities need constant funding that partly, is raised from Lottery Homes Australia competitions organized by the foundation. The few dollars that individuals use to purchase their lottery tickets can actually go a long way to help a needy person to get the necessary healthcare services.

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