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RSL Art Union Home Lottery - Why Support It?

All about the great reasons why you should support the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery. It's not all about the fantastic 1st prize!

The beginnings of the RSL Art Union Home Lottery stem from the spirit of mateship. The home lottery was conceived during the dark days of the depression that followed World War I, when diggers found it very difficult to return to conventional society. They often carried mental scars that were far worse than their physical wounds. So this is where the idea of prize homes began – all for the sake of our Australian heroes.

Through the decades, the RSL Art Union has made it possible to enrich both the lives of our nation’s defenders and the lives of those who win the lotteries. The contributions collected by the lottery support former and present servicemen and women, as well as their families. To this day, this lottery is still the most effective way of raising funds for the sake of those who risk their lives every single day to defend our country.

The ArtUnion reaches out to all servicemen and women, irrespective of age and background. Some are youngsters who have recently returned from their active participation and need help reintegrating to this fast-paced society. Some suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are in dire need of physical and emotional rehabilitation. Some are veterans who suffer from complex illnesses inflicted by their time in the field, and in need of assistance with regards to pension and welfare programs. The initiative of RSL is to help all of them receive and enjoy security.

For loyal supporters, joining the RSL Art Union Home Lottery offers the opportunity to win luxury homes located in the most strategic properties in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. In recent draws (no. 330, 331 and 332), the lottery winners received grand prizes that were worth AU$2 million, AU$3.6 million and AU$1.5 million respectively. The winner of draw 330 won three different apartments that featured spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, the Yarra River, and finally the Story Bridge and Brisbane river. The winner of draw 331 won a three-storey home with breathtaking ocean views, plus furniture and electrical appliances. The winner of draw 332 won a stunning four-bedroom home with spectacular waterfront views, plus AU$300,000 in gold.

When it comes to participating in this Home Lottery, you can never lose - even if you don’t win a prize, you’re still a winner for supporting such a worthy cause. You see, the best thing about buying a ticket is that you are able to join in the biggest prize home lottery in all of Australia, and at the same time contribute to the cause of supporting our heroes and veterans. With your unceasing enthusiasm, this long tradition of mateship will continue to persevere for many more decades to come.

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