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Australia's # 1 Prize Home Draws!

$16,457,297 worth of prize homes in October, 2019. Be in it to win it.

yourtown Prize Home 491
Tickets from $15
22 Days Left
Draw 491
RSL Art Union Prize Home 370
Tickets from $5
21 Days Left
RSL Art Union
Draw 370
Mater Prize Home 285
Tickets from $2
2 Days Left
Draw 285
Endeavour Prize Home 424
Tickets from $10
7 Days Left
Draw 424
RSL Art Union Prize Home 371
Tickets from $5
62 Days Left
RSL Art Union
Draw 371
MS Game Changer Prize Home MSSN0261A
Tickets from $100
51 Days Left
MS Game Changer
Draw MSSN0261A

Statistics & FAQ

2016 Total Prize Value

In 2016 there was a combined $74.3 million dollars worth of prize homes given away in 2016, This was spread over 48 prize homes making 48 lucky people, and their families new millionairs.

Most expensive Prize Home

The most expensive ever prize home offered in Australia was run by the RSL Art Union in December 2018 valued at 5,005,155 million in draw 361 offering an entire apartment complex.

2017 Total Prize Value

2017 was a record breaking year with over 75.1 million dollars worth of prize homes naming more than 47 new millionair home owners and giving their families a life changing experience.

Current Prize Homes on offer

In October, 2019, there is currently 16,457,297 million dollars in prize homes on offer, which will make 6 new millionairs and change not only there lives but the lives of the families.

Prize Homes in 2018

This year is going to be a big one! we expect to see at least 47 new prize homes, 47 new millionairs and over 80 million in prize homes for 2018 with popularity being higher than ever!

Best Prize Home Odds

If you're looking for the best odds on a prize home you cannot go past MS Limited offering only 100,000 tickets depending on the draw. These odds will be hard to beat!

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