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Frequently Asked Questions / Statistics

$22,678,626 worth of prize homes in May, 2024. Be in it to win it.

There is so much more than just prizes!

Australian charities are offering so much more than amazing prize homes; they offer some of the most amazing support for Australians.

It's May, 2024 and we have advertised 497 prize homes since 2014, that is $957,344,812 in total prize value. This has raised millions for various charities which goes straight back to Australian families.

The money raised goes towards war veterans, mental health, people suffering from cancer, kids in need. It's in our blood as Australians to be charitable, to support those in need. It's part of our culture.

Prize Home Tickets helps provide an easy to use platform to show each of the prizes on offer. This makes it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for, understand where the money is going, and the charity it is going to.

How you can help!

If you're looking to donate, fundraise, or offer your time to our beloved Australian Charities you can do so by going through to their website and finding their help page.

Donations, funraising and offering your time is highly appreciated and only made possible by those who thoughtfully give. Whether it's a once of occurance or a frequent event in your calendar. You're helping those in need, those who by no choice of their own have ended up less fortunate. But they're not less deserving.

Statistics & FAQ

2016 Total Prize Value

In 2016 there was a combined $74.3 million dollars worth of prize homes given away in 2016, This was spread over 48 prize homes making 48 lucky people, and their families new millionaires.

Most expensive Prize Home

The most expensive ever prize home offered in Australia was run by the RSL Art Union in December 2018 valued at 5,005,155 million in draw 361 offering an entire apartment complex.

2017 Total Prize Value

2017 was a record breaking year with over 75.1 million dollars worth of prize homes naming more than 47 new millionaire home owners and giving their families a life changing experience.

Current Prize Homes on offer

In May, 2024, there is currently $22,678,626 million dollars in prize homes on offer, which will make 6 new millionaires and change not only there lives but the lives of the families.

2018 Total Prize Value

2018 saw a larger than expected prize pool totaling $97,816,863 million dollars in prizes across 50 prize homes. This made 50 new millionaires and raised much needed money for charities that need it most.

Total Prize Values

Across the 497 prizes advertised that comes to a total of $957,344,812 of prizes given away between 2014 and 2024 That averages out at $239,336,203 per year.

2019 Total Prize Value

2019 saw a total of 47 prize homes run by Charities on our site with a total prize pool of $87,371,407 million. Money raised from ticket sales help Australian charities fund much needed projects.

Best Prize Home Odds

If you're looking for the best odds on a prize home you cannot go past MS Limited offering only 100,000 tickets depending on the draw. These odds will be hard to beat!

Prize Homes in 2020

This year is going to be a big one! we expect to see at least 50 new prize homes, 50 new millionaires and over 90 million in prize homes for 2020 with popularity being higher than ever!

Total Prizes Advertised

We have advertised a total 497 different prizes across all charities & types (Homes, Cars, Holidays, Cash). This ranges from January 1, 2014 to May, 2024.

Who benefits from prize homes?

All of the money raised by home lottery ticket purchases goes towards helping Australian veterans, newborn infants, people living with a disability, surf life saving clubs, young people, members of the deaf community, and many more. Australia is a charitable nation with a proud history of supporting those in need. Home lotteries change lives – and the real winners are those who depend on those charities to enhance their lives and build a better future for all.

Do you handle the prize ticket money?

Prize Home Tickets does not directly handle your money for prize homes, cars, holidays or cash draws. These are dealt with directly through the charity. Clicking the "buy tickets" button on prizes will have you redirected to the charity running the draw.

Can I list my raffle or prize on here?

We choose our prizes very carefully, we ONLY deal with registered Australian Charities who are part of the ACNC Charity Register or advertising agencies with approval from. We will not accept unqualified raffles.

How can I contact Prize Home Tickets Australia?

We're active on most social media platforms, and you can email us directly at If you're wanting to contact us regarding ticket sales, updating information or cancelling your direct debit. Please go directly to your charity of choice. We're unfortunately not able to update this information for you.

What are my odds of winning?

Each draw has it's own odds, this is determined and regulated by each state. Each draw is required to apply for a permit providing the draw with how many tickets can be sold for that draw. A breakdown of your odds of winning can be found here.

How do I buy tickets or donate?

This is easy! The hardest part is working our which of these deserving charities you want to buy tickets for or donate to. Click the buy tickets button and you will be directed directly to the charities website. Once here, you will be able to donate, and if they offer prizes, to buy their tickets. We do not take donations here, you will need to go direct.

How can I promote Prize Home Tickets?

If you're a business based in Australia we offer media packs shipped free direct to your business. This includes business cards, brochures, magnets & vinyl window stickers as well as an information pack.

This promotes our website which helps raise money for charities around Australia. You will also get a special spot on our website as a thank you for your continued support.

News & Press Enquiries

We're very active with jounilists looking to write a story about any of the charities or prizes offered on our site. We're passionate about supporting Australian families, and the charities which do so. You can reach us for at

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