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Privacy Policy

Updated: 05/01/18

1. Why we use a privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us, therefore we have created this policy (“Privacy Policy”) to show how Staple Affiliates Pty Ltd trading as Prize Home Tickets (ABN 37 616 060 827), of Sunshine Coast in the State of Queensland (‘Click’,‘Us’ ‘We’) uses, stores, collects, shares and protects your personal information. This policy is not only applicable to our website ( but also all related applications and websites, along with tools and services (“Website”). When you use or visit our Website you are giving us your express permission to the use, store, collect and disclose any personal information you provide to us, on the basis that we will treat it in accordance with this policy. We promise not to rent, disclose, licence or sell your information to any third party marketing purposes, unless you give us consent to do that. When we amend this Privacy Policy, we will not directly contact you about it, but will ensure the most recent version is always on the website, and you use our website subject to the most recent version of this Privacy Policy upon every visit and use. If you decide the changes are not to your liking, you may discontinue your use of our website at any time. When we talk about “Personal Information” we are referring to information specific to you or another person, which identifies you or that person, and it may include and it may also include general information (“Information”) which is anonymous or aggregated (i.e. from a survey) which will not identify you personally.

2. How we collect your information

There are several ways we may collect your Personal Information including:

  1. when you provide it to us by phone or in writing or perhaps even by phone, or any other electronic means or communication tools;
  2. when you use and/or visit our Website, where information may be sought from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer; and
  3. from our related entities, operators of linked websites, service providers, advertising and applications on the website and other third parties.

We also use Google Analytics for tracking statistics and understanding consumer behaviour on our Website and in using our Prize Home Tickets Site &/or App. By using our website, you are also agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy ( for Google Analytics.

3. What type of information we may collect

There are many different types of information which may help us provide you with the best service possible. Here is a list of what information we may collect:

  1. your name, email address, telephone number, physical and/or postal address and other relevant information necessary to contact you in accordance with this policy;
  2. opinion polls, surveys/market research and any other feedback you may provide us with;
  3. credit card details and any financial information that you provide (however note that when using your credit card to purchase tickets, you will be doing this directly with the charity/ies;
  4. personal information (collected generally through the use of cookies) based on how you use our Website;
  5. personal information you provide through correspondence, disputes, user information pages, or shared by you from other social services, applications or websites;
  6. other personal information your provide, and also information obtained from third parties (e.g. a credit bureau) including demographic data and credit check information (to the extent permitted by law);
  7. additional personal information necessary for us to verify your identity and/or to be used when we have concern that you may not be acting in accordance with our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy and any other policies we have from time to time for use of our Website; and
  8. information gathered from the way you have interacted with our Website, it’s advertisements and any content. This may include things like the type of device you used and where you were, how you connected, what operating system and browser you used, and other standard web log data.

4. How your personal information may be used

The main reason we collect, store and use your personal information is to ensure that you have the best user experience. To do this we use the information to personalise in an efficient and safe manner, several aspects of our website for your benefit, therefore to by using our Website and consenting to this Privacy Policy, you are consenting to us storing, sharing, collecting and using this Personal Information to do the following:

  1. operate our Website, provide high level customer support and prepare new content (including improvement and updates);
  2. give you information through online correspondence, general email and blogs;
  3. conduct research and surveys and generate statistics, so that we may develop and improve your experience with our Website and services generally;
  4. detect and then where necessary, investigate and prevent potentially unlawful conduct you and/or others may engage in;
  5. enforce this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use and any other policies we may advise you of in the future;
  6. verify information for completeness and accuracy which may be done by relevant third parties;
  7. de-identify your personal information and combine/aggregate it with information we collect from third parties, so that we can use it for the purposes set out above;
  8. contact you by phone, text message, email and/or post;
  9. collect fees (where necessary), test and resolve problems, and resolve disputes;
  10. notify you from time to time about Website improvements; or
  11. supply you with generalised, targeted or personalised promotional notices and advertising, marketing, communications based on your preferences and customisation preferences, and to measure and improve our marketing.

5. You may opt out at any time

If at any time you decide to stop using our Website, here is how you do that. To withdraw your consent to us using, storing, collecting and disclosing your personal information, just send us an email with this request. Please understand that you may not be able to continue to use the Website and should you commence use of the website again, you will again be giving your express consent for us to re-commence using, storing, collecting and disclosure your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

6. How and what we disclosure to third parties

Even where you may have opted out, by commencing use of, or even visiting, our Website at any point in time, you are agreeing to us disclosing your personal information to do the following:

  1. enforce our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and any other policies;
  2. comply with the law, and/or a request made by a regulatory authority or governmental agency or to comply with a legally binding court order;
  3. protect the rights, safety or property of another person including our related entities and their directors and staff, professional advisors and contractors;
  4. outsourced service providers assisting us to provide services (i.e. marketing and information technology providers) This may also include information about fraud investigations, fee collection and Website operations where necessary;
  5. third parties you expressly request us to send (directly or indirectly) your information to;
  6. credit agencies (in the event that we offer a service in the future which may result in fee payment, therefore this information would include missed and late payments details and potential breaches on your account);
  7. as permitted by the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), agencies which aim to protect you and/or others from serious threats of harm such as the ambulance, police, etc. Please note we do not require your consent for this; or such entities that we propose to be acquired by or merge with, where that new entity would be bound also by this Privacy Policy.

7. How we use Cookies

  1. (a) A Cookie is a small file which remains on your device until you switch off the device or until the cookie expires (typically between 7 and 30 days depending on user settings). The timing depends on whether it is a persistent or sessional cookie.
  2. We and any service providing third party we use as noted above, may use cookies, "flash cookies”, pixel tags or other associated applications and local storage provided by your browser (all included in “Cookie”).
  3. (c) Cookies are used to better your customer experience which we do by providing a range of services relevant to you as identified by your preferences. It allows us to customise your experience and measure the effectiveness of our promotions and Website generally plus any marketing and advertising. It also provides important information for security purposes.
  4. Cookies may collect and then store your personal information unless you adjust your internet browser to disable them. When Cookies are disabled, your user experience may deteriorate and some of our services may not be available.
  5. It is possible that third parties may use Cookies on certain pages of our Website without our consent or authorisation and control. Please note that are not responsible nor liable for the use of such Cookies.
  6. Where we integrate third party website links, those organisations who operate the linked sites may collect personal information via Cookies. Again, we are not liable nor responsible for linked sites and recommend you read the privacy provisions of that linked site before disclosing any personal information or using their site. We do not endorse or recommend other sites.

8. No Spoofing, Spam or Spyware

  1. You must not engage in spoofing, spam or spyware activities, regardless of whether directed at us or other users of our Website. This includes using our Website to upload, distribute or send viruses or illegal, malicious or prohibited content at any time.
  2. You must not impersonate another person or add a user to our mailing list without their express written consent.
  3. We (or a third party we contract with) may take steps to scan and filter messages to check for viruses, spam, phishing attacks and other malicious activity.
  4. Please report any spoofing activities, spam or spyware you find to us at

9. Storage and security

  1. We store and process your personal information on our host’s servers, currently located in multiply locations around the world. We are happy to provide you with the specifics of where the particular type of information is hosted, so if you would like further details, please email us. By using our Website, regardless of the location of our servers, you provide your express consent to the transfer, storage and retention of your information on the servers of our host provider as selected by us.
  2. We will do all reasonable measures necessary to protect your personal information through engaging a third party to provide security and technical measures, to attempt to mitigate risk of loss, unauthorised access and disclosure, however we cannot guarantee this.

10. Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to amend your Personal Information stored securely by us or make a complaint. Our Privacy Manager can be reached at:


Phone: +61 437 012 369

Contact: Brodey Sheppard

If you're experiencing website related issues, please contact or visit sitecentre.

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