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We welcome into our collection of wonderful prize homes. Prize cars! Now you can choose from a wide range of new prizes!

We are now posting the entire car Lotteries in order to help make the best website for them, which is aimed at raising money to help the disadvantaged groups in Australia to lead a normal or at least bearable lives. Some of the main Car lotteries include:

  • Deaf Car Lottery
  • MS Limited Edition
  • Mater Car Lottery
  • ACT for Kids
  • RSPCA Queensland
  • Kidswish
  • PCYC
  • Cervical Cancer Foundation
  • Multicap
  • MS Raffle

Deaf Car Lottery

This is the only lottery organization that takes care of the deaf or hearing impaired community in Australia. Since it was established in 1985, the organization has been very instrumental in raising funds for programs aimed at tending to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community. The funds are mainly raised through the sale of draw tickets in car and other lotteries.

Other than raising funds to support the needful services offered to the deaf community, the Deaf Car lottery offers many people, who participate in the lottery, a chance to win prestigious car prizes. The deaf Lottery conducts a total of seven lotteries annually with tickets going for as low as $2 each. Courtesy of the funds raised through the lotteries, there are several programs and services specifically rolled out for the deaf community.

The Deaf Services Queensland is perhaps the most prominent information and service provider for the deaf and hearing impaired community in Australia. The organization strives to provide services tailored to enable the deaf community to live fuller and more independent lives. This is achieved through empowering as well as connecting the deaf and hearing impaired community, enabling them to forge forward towards the achievement of their lifetime dreams; through referral, advocacy, community education, aged care, providing information and independent living skills support.

The provision of all these services as well as programs is obviously an expensive venture. Hence, the Deaf Car lottery was established in order to raise funds from the larger public by selling lottery draw tickets to willing individuals. Without a sustainable consolidated fund, the many noble services and programs offered to the deaf community are likely to collapse. Hence the funds raised from the sale of tickets go a long way to ensure the provision of these all important services is uninterrupted. All these services and programs which enable the deaf community to lead a normal life are made possible due to the generosity of the Australian people.

The money collected from the sale of raffle tickets in the Deaf Car Lottery is pumped into the following helpful services and programs, for the hard to hear and deaf community:

  • Auslan Interpreting
  • The Smoke Subsidy Scheme
  • Auslan Translations
  • Independent living support
  • Employment support services
  • Deafness awareness training
  • Children and families support

The Smoke Subsidy Scheme and the Auslan Translations are two of the most prominent services made possible through the Deaf Car Lottery.

The Smoke Subsidy Scheme

This scheme is aimed at availing subsidized fire alarms to every eligible hearing impaired and deaf Australian. This scheme, which is a joint effort between the Fire Rescue Services and the local governments, has seen many deaf and hearing impaired people receive aid. This is especially evident in Queensland state where it is a must for each home and caravan, whether owned or rented must be fitted with a smoke alarm that has to be in good working condition, as stipulated by the Smoke Alarm Laws.

Auslan Translations

The Deaf Car Lottery also enables the valuable Auslan Translation services to be made available for the hearing impaired and the deaf community in Australia. This service involves translation of written information into Auslan (Australian Sign Language) for the deaf and hard to hear community. Their current car lottery is the Deaf Lottery Draw 149a whereby the winner will walk away with a brand new AUDI A5, a grand Jeep Cherokee or a Jaguar XJ, as the major prize.

The Mater Car Lottery

The Mater Car Lottery is conducted by the Mater Foundation, which is a charitable organization run by Mater Health Services and Mater Research institute. The foundation raises funds through Car Lotteries and other means so as to support the services their services which include, clinical care, education and research. Their main objective is to provide treatment as well as prevention of diseases for people of all ages. Apart from the lottery draws, the Foundation raises funds through other means such as organizing events and appealing to people by sending direct mails to them. The individual, community and corporate donations go a long way in helping the Mater Foundation to achieve their mission of providing the ultimate care for all, starting from babies to elderly people.

The Mater Health Services opened their first hospital in 1906. Mater Foundation, following in the footsteps of the Sisters Of mercy, provides sympathetic care to sick and needy people based on the following values:

  • Care
  • Dignity
  • Mercy
  • Quality and
  • Commitment

Currently, the organization successfully runs a chain of 7 hospitals, with four of them being private while 3 are open to uninsured patients. The hospitals strive towards working according the to the ever-changing community requirements. The hospitals have attracted international recognition for their advancement in healthcare services that serve over half a million people annually. Their current Car Lottery Draw is Mater Draw 61 which involves four brand new cars to win. The winner will take home, either two holdens or two fords.

RSPCA NSW Car Lottery

The RSPCA New South Wales Car Raffle is organized by Insight Charity Fundraising Services on behalf of RSPCA NSW so as to raise funds that are needed in order to support all the activities aimed at helping all the animals found in the New South Wales Community. In the near future, the RSPCA NSW hopes to accomplish the following objectives.

  • A society that discourages abuse of animals
  • A society that is caring and kind to animals just like it is to humans
  • A society that looks at animals as an important part of our environment that needs to be preserved and taken good care of.

The RSPCA NSW managed to achieve a feat that n other animal charity organization in Australia has been able to achieve. The organization has put in place mechanisms which ensure that over 40,000 animals that are in need of all types of aid, ranging from proper shelter to emotional and medical care are properly catered for. These are services that the organization has steadfastly provided since its inception hence ensuring that human beings and animals co-exist harmoniously.

The RSPCA gets about 2% of its funding from the government. The rest of the funding is raised from the generosity of several individuals and organizations through fundraising events organized by the organization. The organization has over time put in place, secure mechanisms through which funds can be raised from the public in order to support their charity work. The means through which funds are raised include:


Online fundraising is done through the following means:

  • Starting a page in memory of a deceased family member, work-mate, friend or pet
  • Starting a birthday page for your pet
  • Starting a personal event page through which you can get to raise funds for the organization from friends, family members and staff members or work mates.
  • Starting a celebration page whereby you get to send donations to RSPCA NSW whenever you may be celebrating any special occasion in your life.

Through RSPCA Lottery Draws

This is one of the main means through which the organization raises the funds used to take care of animals. The RSPCA NSW Car Lottery is one of the raffles organized by Insight Charity Fundraising Services throughout the year. The money collected from the sale of tickets goes a long way in funding the activities that provide special care to animals that need it.

Through Organizing Main Events for RSPCA NSW

These are events which are organized by RSPCA NSW to help raise funds which are used in its charity activities. The events include:

  • RSPCA Cupcake Day &
  • The Million Paws walk

The other local events organized the organization include:

  • Fundraising stalls
  • Dog days
  • Pet expositions

Through the RSPCA Paw Box

This is one of the ways through which the organization raises funds in order to offer their services to animals. The RSPCA Boxes are given to business organizations, in which they are placed they are strategically placed at the receptions where they are used to collect tokens from well wishers.

The current Car Lottery Draw for the organization is RSPCA NSW - Draw 36-37 in which one could win a spacious 5 door Toyota Corolla Ascent hatch as the main Prize.


The MS Limited Edition Art Union forms one of the means through which the Multiple Sclerosis Society raises funds to help people who are living with the condition. For about 50 years now, the society has been offering steadfast support to all individuals who live with Multiple Sclerosis disease. This condition is a disease that is most of the time diagnosed in people who are in the age bracket of between 20 to 40 years. It is a disease which is known to have defied all the scientific researches that have been conducted about it, and it has no known causative agent. Currently there is no medication that known to treat the condition.

For this very reason, the MS Limited Edition Society has been working tirelessly to ensure that the relevant researches are carried out in order to discover a lasting treatment and solution to this crippling disease. It is so alarming that about 5 people are diagnosed with the disease in Australia daily. You can only imagine total number of the people suffering from the disease worldwide.

Therefore, it is the organization's vision to ensure that all people diagnosed with the disease are given the much needed support medically, physically and emotionally, so that they can live thee lives to the fullest. The MS Limited Edition Society has the following objectives:

  • To ensure that advanced research is done to discover a long lasting solution to the Multiple Sclerosis disease.
  • To provide each person living with the condition with the best support possible that can enable them to lead a normal or at least bearable life.
  • To enhance more research aimed at discovering the root cause of the disease some day

The organization hopes to achieve these objectives through:

  • Partnering with Ms Australia as well as with MS Research Australia (MRSA). These three are the bodies which work hand in hand to ensure that the causes of the Multiple Sclerosis disease as well as a permanent solution are discovered.
  • The funds raised from the various fundraising activities are properly utilized by the organization to provide the necessary support to the people living with the disease.

Some of the support services offered by MS Society include:

  • physiotherapy
  • home support
  • hydrotherapy
  • information
  • advice
  • counseling services
  • respite
  • accommodation

The organization runs various fundraising activities in order to be able to run its many charitable ventures aimed at making the lives of the people living with Multiple Sclerosis at least bearable if not normal.

The MS Limited Edition Art Union

This involves lottery draws held throughout the year, in which lottery tickets are sold to the public. The money collected from the sale of tickets goes into funding the charitable activities that carried out by the MS Society. Therefore, whenever you purchase a lottery ticket from the organization, you have to keep it at the back of your mind that you are contributing towards a very noble cause of supporting people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

The car lottery draw also provides the participants with a real chance of winning the coveted prizes that are usually put up for grabs, which include the luxurious Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe. Therefore, with every ticket that you purchase, you stand a chance to win a prestigious car as well as contributing towards a very noble cause of helping those who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, by using just $50.

The current lottery for this organization is the MS Limited Edition - Draw 164, which is now open and up for grabs is a prestigious Mercedes - Benz E400 coupe. Anybody can win and all you need to do is to buy your tickets now and wait to be announced a winner!


This is probably the oldest Art Union which has been offering charitable services to the larger Queensland society. The organization's main objective is to ensure that all animals treated fairly and with dignity, devoid of abuse, cruelty and neglect by their owners. Animals form a paramount part of our society and environment and for life to be fully meaningful and fulfilling to all, all aspects of our society, including animals, must be well catered for. For this very reason, RSPCA QLD Art Union has been at the forefront in fighting for animal rights hence supporting their growth and development without any hindrances.

Some of the organization's main objectives include:

  • To stand up against any kind of torture directed at animals, both wild and domesticated.
  • To ensure that any abandoned or neglected animals within the Queensland community
  • To rescue any animal that might be facing any kind of danger.
  • To find new as well as loving homes for domestic animals, that have been rendered homeless
  • To admit as well as offer treatment to any injured animal within Queensland, be it a domestic or wild animal.

In order to ensure that the above objectives are achieved, the organization offers the following services.

  • An ambulance service which is always standby to go on rescue missions for animals
  • An investigative department which is in charge of any investigation relating to any form of cruelty meted against animals as well as partial or total neglect.

Through these services the RSPCA QLD Art Union hopes to stop any form of cruelty against animals, ensure that all animals are provided with caring and loving homes and all injured animals are well treated and attended to. Above all, the Union strives towards creating a conducive environment that can fully sustain both man and animals.

The RSPCA QLD Art Union gets its funding mainly from the organization's lotteries whereby the money collected from the sale of draw tickets goes a long way in ensuring that its charitable activities go on uninterrupted. The organization also receives some funding from its Ongoing Pet Supporters Club, which is made up of animal lovers who do everything within their reach to ensure all animals within Queensland are well taken care of. They do this through the membership donations that they make.

Since its inception, the organization has been able to achieve unimaginable feats in terms of ensuring that charitable services are provided to animals that need them. Some of the main achievements for the past year only include:

  • Taking care of over 40,000 animals that were either abused or even neglected by their owners
  • Ensured rescue of over 27,000 animals with making use of the animal ambulances.
  • Investigating more than 18,000 cases of cruel treatment of animals
  • Admitted about 14,000 animals, in their wildlife hospital, that were either displaced or injured.
  • Facilitated the relocation and rehabilitation of over 16,000 pets into new homes that guaranteed their safety

he current lottery draw for the organization is RSPCA Queensland Draw 50-51 in which the winner will drive away a brand new classic Toyota Rav 4 and Toyota Corolla.


This organization was initially called the Child Abuse Trust and it was first established in 1988, the name was changed in 2008, exactly 20 years after its inception, from Child Abuse Trust to the current one; Act for Kids. This change was aimed at giving a broader perspective to the several activities that it had been engaged in for several years, on behalf the children in the community.

The Act for Kids organization's mission statement strives to:

  • Ensure that that no child is neglected anywhere within the society
  • To ensure that child abuse completely discouraged in society.
  • To create a conducive environment which provides a happy and enjoyable childhood for every child

The organization is composed of dedicated and self motivated professionals who ensure that all its activities are competently carried out in order to achieve its goals. Some of these activities include:

  • Ensuring superb medical and emotional treatment for each child who has been a victim of either child neglect or abuse.
  • Promoting a society where no parents neglect their child
  • Putting mechanisms in place that ensure subjection of children to any form of abuse is prevented
  • To ensure that every vulnerable child receives maximum protection as well as care within the society.

How does the organization raise the funds used to run its activities?

The Act for Kids draws most of its funds from individuals and organizations within the community as well as Car lotteries, whereby funds are raised from the sale of draw tickets. However, the organization also raises its funds through other means including:

  • Donation Boxes
  • Online fundraising
  • Donations paid as registration for some special events.

The organization organizes various events in which the much needed donations are made in order to help it fund its various activities aimed at supporting kids who need help. Some of such events include:

  • The 2015 , Rotary Charity Ball
  • The Act for Kids Gala Ball
  • The Diamond and Pearls Gala Luncheon

There are several volunteers working in the organization in order to provide the necessary support to kids. Some of the volunteer activities that such people engage in include: the sub for a cause day and the CMC Rocks Queensland, 2015. Other volunteer activities are:

  • Distribution of the Act for Kids brochures to the general public
  • Collecting cash for the organization's souvenirs once they are sold
  • Sensitizing people on what Act for a Kid is all about

The organization also gets funding from businesses and other organizations. This constitutes corporate sponsorship, which in form of:

  • Corporate matching: whereby other business organizations matches all the donations made by its workers towards the Act for Kids.
  • Corporate partnership: in this scenario in which, business organizations enter into a partnership with the Act for Kids, whereby there are mutual benefits from such a union.
  • Donations
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Sponsorship.

The current Car Lottery aimed at raising funds for the organization is Act for Kids - Draw 54, in which the winner will win a brand new Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Roadster OR a Mercedes Benz, ML 250 SUV.

KidzWish Car Lottery

Kidzwish lottery is dedicated towards helping in funding services as well as programs that improve the lives disabled, sick and disadvantaged children. This is made possible through the continued support of the public, without which many children would not get the help that they need.

However, there are so many expenses to be tended to hence there is need for more funding with each passing day. What you need to support this worthy cause is to simply purchase some tickets to enter the KidsWish Raffle where the winner will have a chance to drive away in a brand new Nissan Micra ST, which is the First Prize in the raffle. But, above all the continued support by buying the raffle tickets will continue to bring love and laughter the needy children who need it most.

The organization holds several raffles annually to ensure that nobody misses out. One can also join the Love and Laughter Club. If you become a member, the contribution of $10, $15 or $25 is debited on 23rd every month and entries are allocated and emailed to you just before each raffle draw.

The Love and Laughter Club in not only instrumental in planning the future of the KidzWish Foundation and cutting down on administration costs but also provides you with a chance to win a brand new car many times within a year.

The current Raffle Draw is one where the winner will win a Nissan Micra ST-L which comes complete with alloy wheels, automatic headlights, front fog lights, front passenger's seat bag holder


The PCYC is a charity organization that aids young people to get in charge of their lives. The organization facilitates as well as enhances participation in recreation, sporting, welfare and cultural programs with the sole aim of improving the lives of its members and promoting development in the local communities throughout Australia. The public's support for PCYC Lottery enables the organization to continue combating and prevention of crime by or against the young people.

Among the many programs at PCYC is the PCYC SAC whereby the chore belief is that child has a fundamental right to be an active member of their community. This should be reflected in recognition and respect of individual as well as cultural identity; being given a chance to express their opinion as well as having their views considered in any decisions that may directly affect them. The PCYC SAC shows the country's commitment in implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children as well as t he obligation of all those charged with the responsibility of directly working with children, to respect their dignity and privacy, protect them from harm while safeguarding and promoting the children's well being.

The organization believes that children are not only successful and competent but capable learners too who are active learners from birth, engaged in construction of knowledge, meaning and understanding through interacting, building relationships and sharing their experiences. The chore belief of the organization is that engaging environments coupled with meaningful interactions, where their voices are heard and acted upon, enhances the process of lifelong learning.

The organization also believes in equity, inclusion and diversity when dealing with children. This should be reflected in a fair and just society whereby the intrinsic worth of all children- including their families, their rights to equitable access as well as participation in the communal activities are clearly outlined in every aspect of service delivery.

The organization also values Australia's Aboriginal as well as Torres Islander cultures as an important part of not only the nation's history as well as the present and future. The role of families and parents cannot be taken for granted too since PCYC SAC believes that families and parents are the primary teachers and nurturers of any child. Hence they have a responsibility as a well as a right to be involved in the decision-making process where their children are involved. It is the organization's belief that a respectful and collaborative relationship will strengthen the efforts and capacity of families and parents as well as SAC services in promoting and supporting their children health and wellbeing.


  • Providing children with a strong sense of identity by helping them to demonstrate autonomy, negotiation skills, interdependency, sharing and problem solving traits by motivating and encouraging them to ensure success in every aspect of life.
  • Encourage children to have a strong sense of wellbeing through self regulation and management of their emotions in a manner that reflects the needs and feelings of others through showing compassion, respect and understanding for all children.
  • To connect the children and making them to positively contribute to their world. This done by creating connections, awareness of differences and similarities between people and how to positively react, by encouraging children to listen to others as well as respect diverse opinions.
  • Encouraging children to be effective communicators by teaching them to construct and convey messages with confidence and purpose. This done by modeling language as well as encouraging them to express themselves through a range of contexts for a different purposes including conflict resolution, following directions and leading others.

The organization raises funds to help it in running its affairs, through organizing lottery draws whereby participants win various attractive prizes. The current lottery draw is PCYC Lottery 46 whereby the winner will drive away in a Toyota GXL Prado 2014 Model valued at $76,117. The 2nd prize will be a "Fly around the world in 20 days" opportunity which is worth $35,000 while the 3rd prize is a Toyota corolla 2014 Model worth $24,051. The lottery will be drawn on April 16th 2015.

Cervical Cancer Foundation Lottery

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation has a vision to enhance women's health through elimination of cervical cancer and enhancing treatment of women suffering from the disease and related health problems, both in Australia and in the developing countries.

The main mission of the organization is to minimize the disease the occurrence and burden of the disease as well as related health issues on women together with their families and communities. This is achieved through developing appropriate practical programs as well as partnering with like-minded individuals, organizations and governments.

The organization is determined to eliminate make cervical cancer a thing of the past in and outside Australia. This will be achieved through public awareness programs, providing cervical cancer vaccine to women who lack access to it as well as screening and availing related women's health clinics. The organization understands the fact that simple and inexpensive treatment, which is otherwise unavailable, can prevent unnecessary suffering. The organization is currently engaged in:

  • Programs in Nepal, Kirtati, Bhutan and Vietnam to immunize women against cervical cancer
  • Schools Real Life Challenge, which is a community engagement program
  • Awareness programs in and outside Australia
  • Overseas programs involving a number of developing countries to lead efforts of immunization programs.

Programs in Australia

As much as young ladies in Australia are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to access the Gardasil® vaccine, for free, it is important to note that the vaccine only 70% effective in protecting one against the cancer-causing HPV types. In order to be fully protected, even those women who have received the vaccine, should have the two times- yearly pap tests. It is unfortunate that about 90% of the women who die from cervical cancer are those who have missed regular Pap tests. Early detection is the secret. Therefore the organization has rolled out numerous programs aimed at educating Australians about the importance of Pap tests in combating cervical cancer. Some of them include:

An awareness program dubbed Cervical Cancer awareness Program for Schools (CCAPS) which is targeting high school students (both girls and boys) starting from age 12 so as to raise their awareness on cervical cancer as well as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes cervical and others cancers in men and women.

Community awareness - the community is also encouraged to take part in awareness programs, through community groups and workplaces. The ACCF volunteer presenters are available to visit community groups or workplaces to talk about cervical cancer.

Support program

The Foundation provides informational support program for all women who are affected by cervical cancer together with their families.

Using the Pap Text Reminder service

This is an initiative of the ACCF to reduce the number of women in Australia who suffer or die from cervical cancer annually. This is an SMS reminder sent to women in Australia during the month they choose for their two yearly Pap test.

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation raises most of the funds used to run its charitable activities from the Lottery Draws it organizes throughout the year. The current draw is Raffle #19 which will be drawn on March 26th 2015 whereby the winner will drive away in a brand new Hyundai Accent worth $21,280 or a trip for four to the historical Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan or a trip for four to the mystical Nepal worth $21,280

Multicap lottery

This lottery was established in 1962 as a voluntary community parent based organization, by five families, who had problems obtaining suitable support for their disabled children. Having started in a church hall with the participants meeting once a week, it grew popular as the number of children attending soon rose to thirteen, then to twenty four and it never looked back. They then formed a fundraising group so as to take care of the increasing numbers. The organization then began to expand with public support as well as government support.

Currently, with their head office at Eight Mile plains, Multicap is composed of more than 600 families, which access family support networks, respite, programs and opportunities at over 60 facilities within Queensland.

Disability has some kind of connection to most people in Queensland through family, friends, school, workplace or even the immediate community. The organization raises most of its funds from the raffles that they organize regularly. The current Multicap raffle is the Multicap Lottery #117 which will be drawn on March 11th 2015. The winner will get a new Toyota Rav 4 valued at $35,000 or Cashable Gold Bullion worth $25,000.


MS is an organization that has been supporting and helping people who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1956. The organization offers specialized programs to people suffering from the condition, carers, families, health professionals and friends. This it does through an extensive network of branches, centers, health services and support groups.

The organization educates people with Multiple Sclerosis on how to best live a fuller life style while managing the disease's symptoms, raises funds used to offer services, programs and research as well as educating the community on MS and liaises with the government and other organizations on issues related to MS.

To minimize the impact of MS on individuals, family members, friends and the community while working to better the treatment of the disease as well as accelerating research to finally discover a cure, is the core objective of the organization.

Each person living with Multiple Sclerosis's experience is different. The organization takes this fact into consideration as from the time of diagnosis through the process of managing the disease. Patients are aided to understand recent diagnosis as well as learn practical ways to manage the individual's treatment and symptoms and make sound health decisions for living well with the condition. The MS organization organizes regular raffles so as to raise enough money to sustain its numerous programs in their noble cause of enabling MS patients to lead a comfortable life as much as possible. The current MS Raffle is the MS Raffle #235 the 1st Prize winner will drive away in a brand new AUDI A3 1.8 TFSI TRONIC OR GOLD BULLION WORTH $41,000. While the 2nd Prize is a FOUR NIGHT STAY FOR TWO AT THE CORAL SEA RESORT, AIRLIE BEACH IN QUEENSLAND.

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