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How to Join the Melbourne Home Lottery

The most exciting lottery draw has finally come: the Melbourne home lottery. Considered as Australia's top home prize draws, you might be the next winner!

What is the Melbourne home lottery all about?

The most exciting lottery draw has finally come: the Melbourne home lottery. Considered as Australia's top home prize draws, you might be the next winner of a fantastic home and you might not even know it!

The home lottery is just like any other lottery draw, except that the prizes are homes that are not only amazing but are also dream homes that a lot of Aussies are wishing for, there is more to it than winning spectacular homes in the Melbourne home lottery.

You will also get to support your favorite charity as you buy lottery tickets. Melbourne home lottery supports the following charities: the RSL Art Union, Surf Life Saving, Boys Town, Mater and Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Why join the home lottery?

Joining the lottery is one of the most exciting things to happen, and of course winning the lottery is simply a dream come true! But aside from these, the following makes your purchase of a home lottery ticket a life-changing moment for someone:

  • 1. The Melbourne home lottery supports the RSL Art Union which is a non-profit organization that supports Australia's Veteran Community and these includes ex-servicemen and women along with their families. As of the moment, you can still make it to Draw 321 where you can win a $3.3 million Currumbin beach house!
  • 2. The home lottery supports Surf Life Savers, a volunteer group that helps more than hundreds of millions of beach visitors each year! Australia has one of the most extensive coast lines in the world and volunteers make these beaches safe and secure for beach goers. Your donation could help Surf Life Savers train and support volunteers all over the country.
  • 4. Home lotteries benefit Boys Town, a non-profit organization that helps children all around the country put their best foot forward with counselling and support, education and training, employment services, refuge from homelessness and family violence and more. You could change the life of a child when you purchase a home lottery ticket today.
  • 5. Your small donation could benefit the Mater Health Services which are available for families living in Brisbane. Mater needs your help in supporting children and mothers that need expert medical care. You can help change the life of a patient and even help in the treatment of someone that needs care that might save his life.
  • 6. Your donation is a step to saving patients in the Royal Melbourne Hospital. From improving patient care, purchase of life saving equipment and funding medical research you can become a key to saving so many lives when you support Melbourne home lotteries.

What does it take to join the home lottery?

Joining the Melbourne home lottery is easy. All you need is to visit the home lottery official site and clicking on the charity that you wish to support. All the institutions and groups mentioned above are currently accepting donations and support and you can provide this by simply buying your home lottery ticket today.

Simply visit and view the different prizes to be won. Prize homes change from time to time so it would be convenient to visit this site regularly so you can be up to date on the most updated prize homes!

Click on the Charities page to view the different institutions that support. Click on the charity or charities that you wish to support to learn more. Afterwards you may view the different prize homes and choose the one that you want to win.

Clicking the Buy Your Tickets Now button allows you to purchase tickets right away. You will be redirected to the lottery page of your chosen institution so you make your purchase. You can buy a lottery ticket or send one as a gift and of course with your purchase, you have donated to the charity that you wish to support.

What about the winning tickets?

Winning tickets are published as soon as possible. You may subscribe or follow your chosen institution or charity through social media sites like Facebook to get updated. Winners are published as soon as they are drawn; in case you are the lucky winner, you can claim your prize by contacting the chosen charity or at

What are the prizes to be won?

Here are current prize homes to be won:

3 homes located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are all yours to live, rent or sell. A part of the RSL Art Union Draw 320, these homes is all luxury-style homes with the most amazing interiors and breathtaking exterior designs!

A luxury home along the beautiful Sunshine Coast valued at $880,000 can be yours when you purchase Surf Life Saving Draw 165 Prize Home tickets. If you have always dreamed of living near the ocean then this could be your lucky day!

Another Sunshine Coast home will be the grand prize at the RSL Art Union Draw 316. This million dollar home is valued at $1,478,233 and has an estimated rental income of $62,400 per year.

Where do you want to retire? Balmain, Sydney Harbour or the Gold Coast? The choice is yours when you join the RSL Art Union Draw 314 with homes valued at $1,716,661 and that is not all, you also stand to win $30,000 in gold bullions!

A beautiful beachside Gold Coast home can be yours when you join the RSL Art Union Draw 313. A bonus prize of $25,000 gold bullion could also be yours when you join!

Finally, you could be the next Surf Life Saving Prize Home Winner by joining draw 159 which could take you one step closer to a Sunshine Coast Lakeside Home with a market value of $895,000.

Get your prize home tickets early at today! Your dream home could be one draw away!

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