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Win a Prize Home

Have you ever dreamt of owning your very own luxury beach front home, worth millions of dollars.

Have you ever dreamt of owning your very own luxury beach front home, worth millions of dollars, in one of Australia's most sought after neighborhoods? How would it sound to you if this luxurious home was to be actually won in a lottery and not bought using your own money? This could be anything from a magnificent beachfront house where you will be waking up to the waves of the sea, and some of the most affluent neighbors that you only get to read about in the newspapers, to a chic terrace in the inner city Sydney!

Well, it is about time you stopped daydreaming and actualized your dreams by getting out and purchasing tickets from the many prize home lotteries that are usually conducted by notable Australian charitable organizations, on a regular basis. Some of the main charitable organizations that are known to organize Prize Home Lotteries include:

In several occasions, many families have had reason to smile after receiving an unexpected surprise of a lifetime that they are actually winners of luxurious homes in some of the country's most coveted addresses. A good number of the home winners are usually out to support the noble causes pursued by these charitable organizations, in their own small ways, by purchasing lottery tickets which are usually sold to raise money for charity work.

Each of these charitable organizations runs a charity that helps the most disadvantaged people in society. The Mater Prize Home Lottery is run by the Mater Foundation which is a charitable organization of the Mater medical Research Institute and Mater health Services. This organization raises funds which are used to support their activities which include: Clinical care for patients, Education of health care givers and Research programs. The main objective of the foundation is to provide prevention as well as affordable treatment of various diseases that affect people across all ages and backgrounds.

The Prize Home lotteries organized by the foundation are just but one of the ways through which they raise funds to support their numerous charity activities. The other means through which the foundation raises funds is by appealing directly to individual people or corporate entities through direct mails or by organizing events. The money raised then helps them to provide ultimate healthcare for all people starting with babies to elderly people.

The other notable name in the Prize Home Lotteries is the Surf Life Saving House Lottery which is run by the Australian Surf Life Savers Organization. Due to their efforts, Over 500 people are saved from possible drowning along the vast Australian coast each year. The Surf Life Savers comprises of highly trained volunteers who do the rounds in the beaches over the weekends and holidays just to ensure the safety of the beach goers.

The money collected from the sale of tickets in the lotteries organized by the organization goes into running the massive operation so save lives along the coast. This is done through 311 clubs operated by Surf Live savers across the country. Each of the clubs is well equipped with volunteers and the necessary life saving gear and equipment that helps the organization to assist over 100 million beach visitations annually. The biggest percentage of the funds collected by the Surf Life Saving organization goes into training the volunteer workers and purchasing of the gear and equipment.

RSL Art Union is one of the oldest and widely renowned charitable organizations in Australia. Its main objective is to support the Australian Defense Forces Personnel together with their families. It was initially meant to give a soft landing to Australian soldiers who were coming back home from missions abroad and within the country, and they were finding reintegration back to society quite challenging. This was due to bitter and horrific memories that they carried from the war fields or sometimes some of them could even pick permanent injuries while some of them fell sick in the line of duty.

Hence the thought of providing mateship, which could help these heroes and heroines to cope, was the main idea behind the initiation of the organization. Some of the soldiers suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and hence urgently need both physical and emotional rehabilitation. The initiative of the RSL Art Union also helps all these people together with their families, to enjoy financial security.

The other big name in the Prize Home Lotteries, Boys Town Prize Home Lottery - Organized by Boys Town Foundation, who for over 50 years now have been helping disadvantaged youth to improve their lives through: counseling, training and offering support services. The organization works towards enhancing young people's life quality especially those who are disadvantaged in one way or another and they lack the voice to air their plight. The lottery is one of the ways through which the organization raises funds.

Apart from changing many lives through the charity activities run by these organizations, many lives have been pleasantly changed through winning grand prizes that the never dreamt hey could in their entire lives. Some of the Mater Prize Home winners are now new luxury home owners on the glamorous Gold Coast, Bribie Island, The beautiful Byron Bay, and even in the tropical North Queensland.

Take for instance the winner of Mater Prize Home Lottery 250, who couldn't believe what he heard when he received call from the Mater Foundation CEO, Nigel Harris who called to give him the life-changing news over the phone! The winner actually thought that it was a big hoax and he had to do some background checks before calling back.

It hit him fully that he had actually won the coveted grand prize when he received the letter which had been mailed to him. The grand prize he won is a bad new home facing the golf course in Bribe Island. On top of that, he won two luxury cars, a boat and a golf buggy. What a perfect Christmas gift! In his own words, he says that, "When I got the letter in the mail, s when I started to accept that it was true and started to think what about what I would do. It is really surreal - it is not the reaction I thought I would have," this he said during the handover held on Christmas Eve. Just imagine you were the one, what would you do?

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